Prostitution Report
from Thailand

Here we go...
After a 28 hour trip from the US east coast, I finally arrived in BKK at 00:45 am. Since I had connection problems in Dallas, I had a terrible thought that my lugguage will not make it. Going through customs, waiting for the last piece of lugguage and not finding mine, and filling out paperwork, I lost another hour. Damn, I needed my first pussy badly.
There was now the advantage of only pulling my carry on bag with me. I headed upstairs, waited for 5 minutes and got my first taxi experience. As statet in here and suggested on other Boards, I offered the guy 1200 including toll fees to Pattaya. To my surprise, he accepted without any hassle. Maybe I could have gotten my ride for less at this hour.

He did not speak much english. Took me somewhere inside the city of BKK. Could not understand what he said, but I think he wanted to get another car or another driver. Stories of being robbed and being beaten up came to my mind, as he accelerated through those dark corners. Finally, he stopped and got out. He left the keys with me, engine running. Now, I thought of jumping on the other side and taking off without him, hehe, just kidding. He returned in different clothes and off we went. To my surprise, I felt not tired at all. He was the one falling asleep, so we did a Pit-Stop somewhere along the Highway to get some drinks. He got out again, came back with some red bull and even got me a coke from his money.
Then, going 140 km/h, we made it fairly quick down to Sin-City. The signs of Pattaya made me aware of my last trips and I got me even more excited. How happy you can feel right then versus the depression you get when the time is up to leave from all the girls you have met.

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Exactly at 3 am, we did our final stop at my hotel, Lido Beach, right on Beachroad / Walkingstreet.The night receptionist remembered me from last year with a big grin on his face. I did not have a reservation, but called 2 nights ahead to be sure of some available rooms. This was the high season, Chinese New Year right around the corner.I was ready to pre-pay for a week, but could not accept being charged for the whole night when I was checking in at 3 am. This is the Thai way of doing business, again. He would not let go of it even I assured him that I will be staying for 3 weeks at least. He just said that if I am back at 7, he will wave the first night. Fuck that, I tried to remain quiet and told him that I would just do that. I let my Bag behind his counter after taking out my camera (yeah right), some condoms and lube, and my toothbrush. Hehe, that is all a monger needs, right?

My plan was to try to find a somehow decent girl for my first night and take her to a short time hotel. Hey, after some month without fucking, almost anything that moves and has a real pussy will do, right?I went straight down walking street to a hotel, where my buddy was already. Got upstairs, knocked at his door, and to my surprise, he opened. Even his girl was happy to see me again from last year.My buddy got out and together we went for the chase. Now about 3:30, there were still plenty of people on the streets. His hotel is across from Marine Plaza, just the right spot. I felt uncomfortable first to be able to talk to any girl on the street again. I was looking for something slim, not smoking nor drunk, and less than 25. Finally, we spotted this girl eating her soup alone at one of the food stalls. We both sat next to her, and only after a minute, she was offering her food to both of us already. How sweet can they be??? When she finished, I told her that I liked her and wanted her to come with me. Without any money talk, she just smiled and took my hand.

I did not crop the pictures too much to leave some sleazy atmosphere from the room in it. Remember guys, we are in Pattaya, the shit-hole city of Thailand, like others (not me) are categorizing it.Not the prettiest girl of my collection, but I was as happy as I could be. Very friendly, no problem with nude shots, bbbj to completion into her sucking lips, no rush, kissing, taking another shower together, and a final fuck. Man, I was in heaven again. (Ever seen those shirts that say: "Good guys go to heaven, bad guys to to Pattaya!"??)

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90 Minutes later, I sent her away with a hug and 500 B. That was the first night out of 42 that were going to follow. What a fantastic outlook...My inital plan was to go to sleep until noon, but then, I changed my mind. The sun had already risen. And I was still pissed off from the Lido Beach Hotel manager.Now was the time and chance to look for another hotel. I had done a lot of research already and knew where to knock on doors. On a previous trip, I stayed in Soi8 at the Eastiny Place. That was too much of a hassle for me around those gilrs and bars. So I first checked the Walking Street area with hope for something with a SeaView within my budget. I always thought that it should be much more expensive in this area, but after 3 hours of search all the way up to Soi 6 on Beachroad, I finally settled to my new base for only 600 baht including breakfast and a hill/sea view.Got my bag from Lido Beach and told the day bitch at the counter that I won't be needing their services anymore , hasta la vista, baby!

Lido Beach was an alright hotel with an excellent location (across the pier, right at the beginning of Walking Street), but they upgraded their rooms and were asking for 800 now, without pool nor a view. Not even a single baht discount for my long stay I planned there. That is how they loose their customers. I had found a much better deal, and even closer to the action.200 baht is certainly not much money, but somehow, I had to justify even the 600 baht, since my buddy only pays 300. Well, somewhere, I have to put some standards. To each his own, right? Many of you will declare my hotel room as a shithole. Unfortunately, I do not have a 6-figure income like so many mongers in here.

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