Prostitution Report
from Turkey

I've finally gotten around to posting my experiences in Turkey. I was there during May of '02 for vacation time and toured some of the major tourist sites. Truthfully, I had absolutely no plans in picking up women because it's a Muslim country and I've never really thought of Mid-East women as particularly attractive. I'd heard of the genelev system and it didn't appeal to me at all. However, in my travels I was surprised by the relative ease in getting a woman if you want one. According to a British gentleman I talked to- good Turkish women are impossible to have sex with unless you marry them So what's the alternative? That's right, prostitutes.

Personally, I had the services of prostitutes offered to me on several occasions by the more "resourceful" carpet dealers (of which there are thousands). I experienced this in Istanbul as well as in Selcuk (a town in western Turkey). The business men will obviously try to sell you a carpet or kilim first, if you won't go for that then they may try to get some money by selling you some kif or getting you a lady for the night.

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Subtlety is the key here. Remember that you're in a Muslim country. You can't just walk in to carpet stores and ask for women. For instance, I was in a carpet store in Selcuk viewing carpets and I told the dealer (jokingly) that I would like a carpet where Pamela Anderson would pop out every night. He leaves briefly and comes back with an aquaintance who tells me that he can get me a Turk woman for US$10 or a Russian woman for US$50. He tells me, "You can take her home and do as you please. Bring her back in the morning when you're finished with her." I had a similar experience in Istanbul were the gentleman pulled out a cell phone and stated that he could get me a Russian gal within an hour. He claimed that he makes use of her services about once a month and can vouch for her. Cost - US$40. I'd say it's safe to assume that they get a cut of the price, but IMHO this is quite cheap. Sadly, I never took these guys up on their offers, so I can't say how attractive they women might have been,

Two interesting experiences in Selcuk. One afternoon I was walking through the slum area of the town (probably not a good idea) when I ran into a guy who I'd met earlier in the day. He was right outside his house so we talked for a bit. Not long into the conversation an absolutely stunning women steps out of his house and heads up the street, but not before making serious eye contact with me. My jaw almost dropped out of my mouth because this lady was not only hot, but she was also wearing a a snug black dress that though not being necessarily revealing- it certainly allowed me to appreciated her very shapely form. My new friend noticed my diversion and said, "You see her? That's a Turkish woman, do you want her?" Well mister happy was screaming "YES! YES!", but once again I had to decline the offer. I'm still kicking myself for it. While walking the streets of Selcuk I actually had a reasonably attractive Turkish woman approach me and try to strike up a conversation. This is a rarity in the Muslim world. So I had to assume that she was "working."

I could have been wrong though. She might have been just really friendly. Women there are more open and many of them dress very modern. Western Turkey has a lot of European influence and people tend to like Americans (or at least our money). One USD is worth about two million Turkish Lira, so I got the impression that more than a few Turkish women would like the idea of hooking up with a well-to-do foreigner. I did seem to get quite a bit of attention and I don't know if it's because I am American, or because I'm black, or what. All things considered, I wouldn't come to Turkey for the sole purpose of getting prostitutes. Much more open places in the world for that activity. Still, there IS something to be had here if you're willing to search for it and if you ever want to marry a good Muslim woman then Western Turkey might be a good area to look.

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