Prostitution Report
from Ukraine

I am back home from Ukraine.
Sorry, Cougar I missed you.J7 called and told me you where trying to reach me. But I was out getting breakfast when you called.Sorry J7 I did not get the chance to have a beer with you.I am going back in Sept. maybe we can get together then. Well, first day in Kiev I left my apt. and found three taxis setting ,there was one young guy with a beat up car. I thought well he is young and trying to get a start so I choose him. I asked him to take me to Obriens but he spoke no english ,but indecated he knew where to go. Off we went like a bat out of hell. One of the craziest rides I have ever taken. Nearly killing at least 20 people and almost wiping out a dozen cars.

I still dont know how he managed to keep it on all four wheels. Anyway he takes me from one side of Kiev to the other ,after a while I realize he has no idea where he is going. He stops three or four people and asks for directions.After 1 1/2 hours he finally delivers me to Obriens one block from where we started and three blocks from my apt. He asks for 50 Grevna ,I smile and give it to him. And say something like in Russian "Thanks ,now I have seen all of kiev and pat him on the back and begin laughing" He begins to laugh too. First night I go to River Palace. There where about 40 girls there.This is my first time in a FSU country ,so I am in total "happy shock" at so many beautiful women.This is after a day of seeing thousands of absolutely stunning women on the streets of Kiev.I am thinking I love this place already. I will try to keep this short. I take two sisters home about 12. They are not lesbians ,but they double team me. I don't usually take two girls because I only have one dick ,but it was good and both girls fuck and suck great. After them it was about 3 am. I am feeling good so I decide to go back to River Palace I get another beautiful girl and we go home and have sex the rest of the night.

The next night I go to a night club down the road from River Palace it also is a boat in the River. They are having a live band. I am setting in front of the stage area at the bar and the singer is a totally beautiful red head ,who sings fantastically in perfect english. This woman is "Smokin Hot" and looks right into my eyes when she is singing. After about two sets and about ten songs it is getting late and there are hardly no single women in the club without boyfriends and this singer is melt'n me down ,wow is she hot, but I think the guitar player is her boyfriend because he is watching and seems upset with the chemistry thats going on with me and the singer,so I have to get out of there. I think I know where there are some women So back to the River Palace I go. To make a very long story short I spend about 13 days in Kiev and three days in Lugansk and 5 days in Odessa. I get something like 23 or 24 women.The only rest time I have is when I am with one of my girlfiends. I am getting pictures developed now. I should have them the first of the week.Unfortunately the first four or five women I am with I forget to get photos and a few after that ,because when I am with them the last thing on my mind is to get pictures.Of the girls I remember to get photos of only two refuse to have their photos taken. It was the best trip I have ever been on and my new saying is " I love Ukraine". I can not wait to finish my work and move there.

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