Prostitution Report
from United Kingdom

I recently had my first mistress experience in London. The London Retreat in Earl's Court - so a few details for those who might be interested. Discreet basement flat, professional booking, timing was excellent, girl looked like her photo, i.e. it was her, and service levels were just as described on their website -

I have had my fair share of bargain sex around europe and thailand, so putting a few more £s down for higher quality seemed like a good idea.
I was hoping to feel naturally submissive by the quality of the girl, Lara in this case...
...and she just about managed it. A really great body, beautiful legs, feet, ass and hair - a blond babe - from behind at least - the face was only a 7.

So, I paid my £100 for 1/2 hour and let her take charge...I was quickly tied to "the cross" naked and teased ruthlessly - during which time she also slapped my face hard on 2 occasions for not behaving - a first for me - normally, any girl would have got a good slap back!

I was then forced to my knees and instructed to pleasure her...first kissing her very pretty feet and then eating her pussy. Another first for me this, i did actually "eat her pussy" - it was so clean and smooth and nice - even with long term girlfreinds I am usually half hearted on this front. She 'allegedly' came, but I can believe it as i was going for gold down there. She then tried to play with my ass, with a lubricated rubber glove, but it did'nt really do anything for me, so we moved onto covered sex in a variety of positions. She looked really great from behind - that position with her was worth it...she offered anal but i declined, i was too busy stuffing her pussy. We eventually moved to a fucking chair device with her spreadeagled on it, her pussy just gaping there like an open goal and i came in this position.

Very light mistress work really - but an interesting experience and the quality of the looks and her personality was certainly a change from your average Isaan farm girl in Thailand. I doubt i'll become a regular, but cracking a 6 foot blond english nut every now and then has just got to be done! If only the maid had stopped playing bloody opera all the way through it!

Happy exploring!

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