Prostitution Report
from United Arab Emirates

Being a frequent traveler to Middle East , I am using frequentlly the " benefits " of the most liberal enviroment in ME. I 've been there last June and I dare to say that the situation changed a lot compared with the previous years and also with previous reports for the destination in subject Garage is closed and most if not all the Afriacn origin ladies moved to Cyclon In Cyclon the ladies require now 1000 AED ,even at 3 am . Nothing to compare with the 500 AED of last yaer and in terms of quallity I 've seen a lot of 5 and 6 . Hard to find any 8 or 9 . Entrance fee still at 50 AED . I heard that is almost imposible , a girl from CIS ,to obtain an entry visa if she is younger than 30 . In Hyatt , the situation changed to the worst , the quallity went very low . First time in my life I saw so many ugly and unpleasnat ladies in one place . Useless to say that the 3-4 beuty queens required 2000 AED shortly after midnight and 1300 at 03.30 . At this point , and in order to clarify few points I would like to say that I am extremely selective so the rating of the ladies is according to my standars . The prices that I am refering are for Overnights , but still, given the cost of living in UAE and the ratio of working ladies with able to buy guys , I think it is to high . Some advises Cyclon Never bargain too much , If she finaly comes with you she will be waching TV or talking on her cellular all night long . Take it or leave it . Avoid the ones , trying to start a conversation Try to pick a girl from the ones sitting in the main bar . Avoid the ones in the dark corners or try to have a better look. Hyatt Just stay close to the door . All the good ones are only one step away .

One last comment . There is still a lot of potential for this place , be patient , be selective and unless if you are a very rich Arab dont pay them what ever the quotte . Happy Hunting

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