Prostitution Report
from Uruguay

I wasn't very impressed with Montevideo, compared to BA it's a rather boring place. The Argentinians go (or rather went) there to dine out (it was cheaper than BA before the peso devaluation). Pretty girls can be found (the Argentinian type). To cross the Rio de la Plata for a few days is ok, but bargain prices? Forget it.I'm amazed that guys who go to BA now still pay 100+ dollars to the escort girls. I guess the girls just try to maintain their prices for foreigners. Actually I called 2 of them some days ago imitating the porteno accent (from BA). I was quoted 150 or 200 PESOS (divide by 3). Same goes for hotels: Argentinians get their own rates there.

Go figure: No Porteno could afford an escort for 150 dollars, it would mean the equivalent of 450 to 500 dollars to him. Call the escorts who don't have English listed as language and you should be fine. Of course you will need to speak Spanish then!

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