Prostitution Report
from Venezuela

OK, I'm back from Isla Margarita and happy to report that the chicas are in abundance and much more reasonably priced that in Caracas (which has become unbelievably expensive!).

I only had two nights in Porlamar, and as I'd already had back-to-back experiences with chicas in Caracas that drained my energy as well as certain body fluids, I was completely exhausted my first night on the island and chose to sleep instead of going out.My last night there, I hailed a taxista and asked to go to the American Bar, a place I'd read about in the older archives here. It was a tiny place, and a dump, and there were only about 5 or 6 chicas who themselves only rated about 5-6.There seems to be no shortage of strip clubs like Pretty Women and Goldfingers, though I didn't go to any of those places and I don't know what one might expect.After the experience at the American Bar, the cabbie told me the Omni Hotel (a little bit out of the town center, near the Hilton and Margarita Dynasy hotels) had the best chicas in town. We went there and he took me up to room 914. A girl answered the door and asked us to wait outside.

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A few minutes later, the girl took us to another room nearby, and before long there was a parade of about 10 chicas, definitely something for everyone, all nice looking in the 7-10 range. I chose a sweet-faced little 20-year-old with tiny titties and a perfect ass who gave me one of the best experiences I've ever had in this hobby. She was a student from a city in the VZ interior, basically working at the escort agency in the hotel in the evening while in Margarita on vacation during the day. I think this is probably a common arrangement there.

The agency fee was 40,000 Bs. for one hour, or 80,000 Bs. (a tad over $100) for the two hours I selected. We went to my hotel (the Margarita Dynasty, which I would recommend over the Hilton. The chica was completely uninhibited and posed for almost 20Mb of digital photos (sorry, I don't post those) before fucking my brains out. The first pass was with a CBJ even though I told her I'd prefer to go without the preservativa. I guess she liked me, because the second time around she delivered a wonderful BBBJ before screwing me to exhaustion. For her propina, I gave her an electronic translator and a pair of Veronica's Secret thigh-highs. Never underestimate the value of stuff like this...

She'll be back home in a week so there's not much point in posting her name. She did give me a card for the agency, which with any luck will show up below. I think anybody can have a great time on Margarita, though I'd definitely advise being able to speak Spanish at least at a basic level.

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