Prostitution Report
from Vietnam

Fresh from a few days in Bangkok, I grab my bag and make my way to the airport. I consider myself a veteran traveler with 50+ countries under my belt - but most of my travel had been to countries with a well developed tourist infrastructure. Reading the earlier posts of Zamman (welcome back!) and Mojo - I had every confidence that Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon/Sai Gon) would be a great time. Suffice it to say I was NOT disappointed...

ARRIVAL: Immigration is the slooooowest I’ve ever seen - except maybe Moscow. Plan to stand in line for a while. On the bright side, everyone’s luggage was ready when they got through. Then they actually xray the bags going through customs INTO Vietnam. I thought I’d never get out of the damn airport. For those used to the "open doors" of Thailand and Philippines, don't forget you need an entry visa for Vietnam. TRANSPORTATION: Limo Service (OK - a private van!). I didn’t feel like any more delays or effort so I wimped out and took a prvate hire for 190000 Dong which is about 12USD. Took about 20 minutes to get to the hotel from the airport. I’ve never seen so many motorbikes in one place. They were swarming like bees in-and-out of traffic. There may be a dent in the floorboard from where I kept hitting the imaginary brake on my side! TAXI: I did take taxis around town and found them plentiful and cheap.

English isn't a problem IF you write down the name of your destination. And of course carry a card with your hotel name on it for ease on the return trip. Some taxi meters show the fare in thousands (33.6 above is really 33,600 Dong). Others show the fare as total Dong (below). Seemed like most fares were about 12400 – I think that was the minimum charge - less than a buck. HOTEL: Renaissance Riverside Hotel Nice hotel in a decent location. Good buffet for dinner. In-room internet was only available via dialup. There doesn’t seem to be any security to stop visitors to your room during the day - but they are present at night. With the Chinese restaurant on the 1st floor (ground plus 1) I would imagine you could get a guest through on the way to dinner and continue to your room? Likewise, the Caravelle Hotel (close by) has a very nice open air bar on the top with a great view and a nice breeze. A nice 5 Star hotel. Again, since you can take an elevator to the top there’s nothing stopping you from getting off at your floor. HOTEL: Sheraton Hotel and Towers WOW - Great hotel!

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Nicest lobby, broadband internet connection in the room. Superb pool, spa and gym. Excellent restaurants. A little pricey at $115 for a standard and $15 for 24 hours of internet access. But the convenience made up for it in my particular case. And yes, you can take a lady to the 23rd floor restaurant and divert to your room no problem! After 9pm only certain elevators go to floor 23 (and probably ONLY floor 23) so there is some effort to comply with the local restrictions. Or take her to dinner at the Saigon Café on the first floor and hit the elevator from there since security is at the lobby level. However, I kinda liked banging them at the "mini hotel" and going home to sleep alone. ENTERTAINMENT (Bars in General) Girls do not seem to approach you in Sai Gon without a nod of encouragement. I like that and wish it were universal in the world of mongering. Pricing was about 40,000 Dong for a Rum & Coke. Exchange rate is about 16000 VND to 1 USD so $2.50 for a cocktail. (Sorry, no idea what beer cost.) Here's a few bar reviews: LOST SAIGON: Pretty low budget but picked up a very nice service provider at this place. She wanted 1,000,000 Dong and of course I laughed in her face. She turned her back and pouted and finally countered with “fifty thousand”. It took some effort to tell her she meant 500,000 but we got there (about 32USD). Toss in another 100,000 for pictures and off we go to the “mini hotel” (20USD). Thao gave a very nice BBBJ and swallowed while sucking every last drop out of my cock.

Here she is giving my little friend a kiss to get started! This is the mini hotel that we went to. $20USD for the pleasure. Not sure how long you can stay but a couple of hours for sure. Thao's number if you don't find her at Lost Saigon or (more likely) Sahara. SAHARA BAR: Ended up being my favorite. This place starts hopping after midnight. It's open until 6am. Lots of girls. Good quality but no superstars. Picked up the girl on the right and decided to grab a “spare” on the way out the door. Turned out to be a good decision. Trang (right) looked better than this picture but the service was below average. Vy (left) was dynamite and spoke very good English. Highly recommended. Saw her each night at Sahara. Save your money if you see this one... SHARE your money if you see this one! This is a really bad picture of Vy (below). She is fairly cute and really an excellent fuck. And WHAT A BODY! All natural - in case you wondered. Ass lover's dream! And amazing tits for such a small girl! SAIGON SAIGON BAR: Top of the Caravelle Hotel. There is live music some nights and it gets pretty packed. A nice date venue if you happen to meet a "nice" girl and decide to take her out for the evening. LOCAL BAR: (Meaning - I have no fucking idea what the name was since it was 4am!) Was so busy looking for Miss Perfect at Sahara that I forgot to get laid until it was slim pickens. Hopped on a motorbike taxi and ended up back near the Sheraton. I was (of course) the only patron and the 5 or so girls sitting on the sidewalk all wanted to fuck this “velly hansum maan”.

Was pretty drunk by then but went for the BBBJ option in the back of the bar on a small stage with the lights completely off. Couldn’t see shit - but my trustee Sony CyberShot came through! Man did she have NICE tits! And it turns out I was getting a hell of a BJ! A novelty in Sai Gon (for me anyway) was the girls riding around on motorbikes asking if you want a lady. I finally tried one and my dick still gets hard when I think of this sexy young lady and her performance. Damn - she was one accomodating girl! Twenty six years old and cute as a bug... Start with the obligatory shower... Heat things up with a little ass shot... Get busy with a little oral delight... Is it just me or does it look like her pussy lips are sucking my dick? Damn was she tight! And her ass just had to be tried! I went for the money shot but thanks to the 100mg Viagra most of it shot right past her onto the pillow! She waited patiently while I adjusted my aim and finished... MASSAGE: Sheraton Spa: Surprisingly, the women giving me my 32USD massage starting stroking my cock and offered hand relief for 50USD. Came down quickly to $30. I declined as I was looking for a lot more on my final night. Still, a nice setting for a hand job! Barber Shop (Song My): Standard hand job with a curtain dividing the two massage tables in a back room. 250000 VND for massage. 200000 for hand job, fingering, tit sucking etc. Roughly 30USD in total. MISCELLANEOUS CYCLO: Took a cyclo (bicycle rickshaw) ride and thoroughly enjoyed it. Quite surreal moving at such a slow pace in the midst of all the traffic.

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Almost an out-of-body experience like you’re seeing a 3-D movie. People passing from behind on motorbikes and cars from all angles. Hard to explain but highly recommended. A good “driver” will take you down many streets and show you some things you would have missed walking since it’s SO FUCKING HOT! Markets, shops, buildings, barber shops ;) and good places to eat. MOBILE MASSAGE SALESMEN: The Saigon version of the ice cream truck! Late at night there are several bicycles going up/down the street outside of Sahara with little noisemakers making a clickety clack sound as the rider softly says “mass-age…mass-age…sexy lady…”. If you hear this sound you’ll see what I mean. Sound like a pair of dice inside a metal ball being shaken. Didn’t get pricing or try this option. VIETFUN/VIETSINGLE: Met a “pen pal” through this free service and was happy I did. Spent a few evenings together dining and relaxing. Introduced me to Saigon Saigon Bar at the Caravelle Hotel as well as Q Bar across the street from Caravelle Hotel. And it was easy to be a gentleman and drop her home since I knew I could go get laid! Even invited me over to see her “house”. Interesting setup in what appeared to be abandoned warehouse buildings. Actually not bad once you get inside.

I recommend posting on this site if you want to have some contact before you arrive. The girls really are very sweet. Also met a cutie at one of the Saigon Tourist offices. We talked for about 30 minutes one afternoon and she really seemed to enjoy the travel stories. She actually called my hotel that night looking to leave me a message about some brochures hoping I'd come back to visit her. (I did!). Finally, one of the girls at the Sheraton Lobby Bar met me after her shift for drinks as well. It started when I was trying to tell her I had seen her walking outside of the hotel earlier. She thought I said that I wanted to see her outside the hotel. So we did! She's been writing to me and is such a sweet kid. If you go for more than a few days I recommend hooking up with a local and seeing some sights. I enjoyed the company. RIVER: Lots of traffic on the river. Ferry's crossing all day. One thing that was curious was seeing the river in the morning with all of the vegetation on it. By midday it's all gone and comes back in each morning. Midday: Morning: DINING: Food was good but I admit to eating at the nice hotels almost exclusively. The exception was the Good Morning Vietnam restaurant (Italian) near the Sahara Bar. I didn't try this local delicacy but am told it's quite tasty...WOOF! DEPARTURE: I snapped a photo of the concrete hangars at the airport thinking they are leftover from the war... And there's only one way to end this post for me... Vietnam - just do it!

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