Prostitution Report
from Argentina

I visited Cordoba at the end of July this year, a city of 1,500,000 people located in the interior of Argentina 10 hour bus ride or 1 hour flight west of Buenos Aires. There are enormous numbers of working girls there due to the hard hitting recession we have in Argentina at the moment (all the factories closed and moved to Brazil when they devalued their currency, Argentina's peso remains pegged at 1 to 1 with the U.S. dollar). These girls are also incredibly cheap, $10 for a blowjob without condom, $15, $20 to fuck one plus blowjob for 1/2 hour, and $25 or $30 to also fuck her in the ass, maybe 40 minutes total. The girls range from Paraguayan immigrants, local criolla girls (part indian and white) and also purer European girls of Italian, Spanish or other European descent. Some are very beautiful, you can find green or blue eyed blondes in some cases as well.

When I visited the city the best spots for picking them up were, Parque Sarmiento, La Ca¤ada (the cobblestoned walkway along both banks of the river Suquia which cuts the town in two), whiskerias (bars) within spitting distance of the interprovincial bus terminal and also the barrio of Clinicas and finally Plaza San Martin, in front of the Cathedral de Cordoba. All can be brought to temporary love hotels which dot the city for $12 to $24 for 3 hours depending on the level of luxury. Younger girls are out from 10am to 7pm, at nite the older shift comes on. Of the 9 girls I had in 6 days there, the best was a blonde called Barbie (later I found her name was Iliana) who I picked up in Parque Sarmiento sitting on a park bench near the edge of the forest.

She was 21 years old, green eyed, fair skin, beautiful snap on tool girl type body, fantastic ass and large nipples/pointy tits (only young ones have this). I brought her to the hotel and had fantastic sex with her for almost 2 hours, condomless blowjob, ass, pussy, very affectionate girl who for $5 extra let me cum on her hands and face and then she licked up all that hot semen like so much whipped cream. Unforgetable, you know I will be back in Cordoba soon!

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