Prostitution Report
from Brazil

What an afternoon today. Two girls showed up at 12:30 and before I knew it I was getting showered and blown in BS's swimming pool. There is nothing like getting blown by one girl while the other sticks her tongue where the sun doesn't shine. Afterward I took them to my favorite churascaria, The Grill Express. They have a real cute hostess I wish I could do but hey you can't do them all. So on with the early evening report.

I went to Azinho 22 about 8pm and the action was slow. Apparently the best time to go is in the afternoon after 1pm whenthe girls are in full force. One realy hot looking babe was leaving for the evening. She had an ass like J-Lo. I wish I had gotten there earlier to do her for R$80. So instead I went to a place a block away that is R$40 for 20 min and R$60 for 30 min. And low and behold a there was a blonde haired Anna Kornikova look alike. What the hell is a girl this good looking doing in a place like this? I have no idea. I wish I had brought my camera. She probably would have said no but it would have been worth the try. Her name is Monique and it was her first night.

She says she didn't like the place but her friend had told her it was an easy way to make some R$. She didn't like doing locals she told me but was willing to give it a try. She has lots of family in Rio and that's why she won't go exposed to places like HELP. Great BBBJ and boy was she a screamer but when she put both hands and feet to the sides of the cabana and lifted herself off the bed/cot I could not hold back and exploded with pleasure. What really sucks is that you have to walk past the waiting/party area to get to the bathroom to shower up. We went together and since I comp'd her an extra R$10 she gave me a little blow in the shower as well. Real blonde hair pulled back is so sexy to me. It's 11:30 now and after I post this I will relax a little then shower and try to get out of here earlier than 1am like I did yesturday.

Last nite the girl I had (who I will refer to as Pinky because she loves pink) didn't leave till 7am. I can't stay out too late today because i have to pick up the girlfriend at the airport at 1pm tommorow. So anyway I finally went and downloaded the infraview software to resize some pics. Again, sorry about the wait. These pics are a glimpse of the past few days. There are just too many to post all at once. Over 400 pics so far. Thank goodness for digital camera's. I remember ten years ago when I was here, I spent $150 USD in developing pics.

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