Prostitution Report
from Thailand

Just arrived back home after 4 days in BKK. I feel exhausted after a total of 19 hours of travelling, so I just managed a report on my first day. I have not developed photos yet obviously, they will come soon.

Here is the report of the first day in Bangkok. I arrived in Bangkok on Saturday the 9th at around 15:00. No delays at immigration and here I am outside. Following the advice of a friend I hire what they call Thai limousine, which actually is not very fancy, but comfortable with A/C. It costs 500 B to the city center and they give you a receipt. Arriving to the hotel on Siam Sq. I immediately take a shower and go to bed to catch up with the sleep I did not have. When I wake up a few hours later I go for a light dinner and then to action.

I decide for my first night, since I am still affected by the long trip to go somewhere close to the hotel, so I go to the Hard Rock Café around 200 metres from the hotel. The place is packed with people, a band is playing, lots of Europeans and Americans and lots of girls to choose from. I sit at the bar with a beer and check out the scene. I spotted that really good-looking girl across the bar who sits alone. I try to establish eye contact but to no avail. Suddenly she comes on my side of the bar to meet a girlfriend. After some time I just make my move and introduce myself. She smiles and we start chatting. Her name is Tidti and her girlfriend’s May. She said that they come from Phuket and they were just visiting BKK. They were real pros, they knew how to make you horny and most important how to have a good time. I think that is the main difference with Thai pros. They make you feel good without being sexy in a cheap way. It is simply a pleasurable experience. One actually has the “impression” that he flirted with the girl, that No was actually an option (which never, or very rarely, is of course).

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So, the girlfriend is not so lucky with a Finnish guy and Tidti proposes to go all together to my hotel. I liked the idea. She asked me how much I am willing to pay. I said 4000B for both all night. After some negotiation between them they say 6000 for both. I said anyway it was not my primary interest to take them both so I shall settle for Tidti alone. At this point the price drops to 5000. I agree to that since I feel I want to try it. Finally I paid 4000 because after about two hours at the hotel they started saying that they will go to let me relax and they can come back in the morning and all this bullshit, so I gave them 4000. At the hotel I have the first negative experience. Hotel charges you 900B for bringing a girl to your room after 20:00 o’clock and the girl has to leave her id. Speaking about pimps or what. I’ve stayed in more Novotels that I can remember in Europe. This has never happened. Perhaps it makes sense if a girl stays the whole day using the facilities of the hotel when you are paying for a single room. In that sense yes, perhaps it is reasonable to pay the difference between single and double room. Otherwise the hotel is simply a pimp.

Now back to the sex thing. In the room they were very friendly, laughing kissing and caressing each other. Tidti had a narcissistic side I soon discover. She liked to be kissed and caressed in front of the mirror. I had a shower with her and she was really nice washing me thoroughly. The time she was showering alone after I took my time with May kissing her. After May went for shower and me and Tidti are in bed. We licked each other and soon May joins us. It was a wonderful experience because they were friends and kissing and licking each other was a game for them. It felt really great to be between two beautiful girls playing among ourselves. It did not take a long time to finish me off. Again they go to the shower and after in bed they discuss between themselves in Thai laughing all the time. Inn that way they give me some time to regain my strength and afer we go for a second round. We stayed in bed for a little longer and then they started the bullshit that they are going to leave alone to sleep well and relax, and that they would come back in the morning to continue, so they are persistant to fix a time with them. I had no intention whatsoever to book my morning with these girls, so I give them 4000 and I said them I do not know what time I shall wake up but I shall give them a call to ask them to come back as soon as I wake up. They did not seem displeased with the deal and they left smiling with lots of thank you we had a great time etc. So this is the end of my first night in BKK.

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