Prostitution Report
from Brazil

Due to jet lag, time difference and not much sleep the last 48 hours, I woke up at around 13:00. Gabriella had left about four hours ago. I took a quick shower and headed over to Shopping Morumbi to change some money at the Cambio and quickly hurried back to the hotel. I had a reservation at the restaurant Suntory for lunch at 14:00 and I was determined to get there on time. My lady at the front desk told me that instead of taking a taxi, she would recommend me using the hotels own driver. His name was Julio and he had just returned to the hotel after a drive with another hotel guest. She also informed me that Julio didn`t speak any English, so I had to arrange the appointments with him at the hotel through the receptionist. The price was R$50,- pr. hour and Julio could either wait for me at the destination until I wanted to return to the hotel or somewhere else or he could pick me up again at an appointed time. I decided to use Julios services for this day to try him out.

I don`t have that many really good experiences with taxies in Sao Paulo. Many don`t know their way around town too well, others takes you on roundtrips around the city in order to increase the fare and almost nobody speaks any English. I booked Julios services for the day. We agrred on him taking me to Suntory right away, then pick me up again at the restaurant at 15:00 and finally to take me from the hotel to Alameda dos Camaiuras (the “ W Unico Masion”) at 16:30 where he should wait outside until I decided to return to the hotel.

Julio drove me to Suntory where I was fashionably 15 minutes late. This afternoon I was not feeling very well. A bit of a hangover from last night combined with the jet lag and the unfamiliar heat and humidity didn`t have an effect on my appetite but I wasn`t feeling up for much alcohol to go with my Sushi this time. That might not have been such a great choice.

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Let me take a brief pause to tell you a little bit about myself. I am what you might call the typical quiet type, even bordering a little towards shy. This makes me a little uncomfortable around people I don`t know, especially if the those people are like myself or the conversation is not easy flowing. This is one of the reasons why I always go to a restaurant and have a bottle of wine or go to a bar and have some drinks before adventuring out into the nightlife looking for some ladies to take home. The alcohol loosens up my inhabitions and makes me a bit more confident about myself. There is probably no reason why I should need alcohol in order to feel confident enough about myself but that is the way I am. I need to point out that I don`t in any way need or want to get drunk. You probably wouldn`t notice much difference in my behaviour except that I am easier to talk to.

After having eaten a great suchi meal at Suntory and the time was around 15:00, I paid the bill and walked outside expecting Julio to be on time. Julio nor his car however was nowhere to be seen. In fact he didn`t show up until 15:25. I was a little pissed off about this but decided to go ahead as planned with Julio the rest of the day before deciding if I should use him the rest of my stay or not. Back at the hotel I decided to go back go sleep until the scheduled festa at the “W Unico Maison”.

I woke around 16:30 quite refreshed and feeling much better. I was running a bit late but I had agreed to call Alexandre before I left the hotel, so I assumed that since our agreement was to arrive at the house around 16:00, it would be okay to arrive an hour later. I took a quick shower and hurried downstairs to find Julio waiting in the lobby. I apologized for being late and asked him if we could make it to Alameda dos Camaiuras 169, Moema before 17:00. He assured me it would be no problem. I completely forgot to call Alexandre before we left the hotel. Getting to our destination in time was no problem, but for Julio to find the correct address turned out to be difficult. He had to stop several times to make phone calls asking for direction and taking peaks inside his supplied map book. In the end he couldn`t find it.

I suddenly remembered that I had agreed to call Alexandre before leaving the hotel, so I handed Julio Alexandres phone number. It turned out that Alexandre already was at the house waiting for me and he told us to just wait in the car and he would come out and meet us. We were quite near. Once Alexandre came out he told me that I didn`t need Julio services anymore that day. Alexandre would arrange a driver for me to take me back to my hotel when I wanted to go back.

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I followed Alexandre into a house close by. The entrance was through a locked door in a fence about 20 feet high. It was not possible to peak through the fence to see what was inside. Alexandre pushed the doorbell and the door buzzed open. Alexandre lead the way through the front yard into a normal looking white house with two floors. Alexandre showed me into the living room and wanted to give me a tour of the house. The living room was L – shaped with two separate sections. Each section with its own group of couches and chairs. There was a big stereo system in the middle of the room. Beyond one of the living room sections was a separate closed section of the house. In this section there were three bedrooms where I could bring girls for some action. Each bedroom had its own bathroom. Beyond the other section of the living room were two offices. One office for Gustavo who was not present and the other for Washington.

I was shown into Washingtons house and he welcomed me with a handshake and to my surprise said “Nao falo Inglese.” This surprised me as I have been told by others that he spoke English very well. The master bathroom and toilette were easily reached from the hall just before entering the living room. Through double glass doors from the living room, the back yard was reached. The back yeard was a small garden partially covered under roof with a swimming pool and a big barbeque. A hostess who didn`t speak any English was present and served me cold beer. No drinks except beer and whisky were available. I wasn`t shown the second floor and I believe this is where Washington actually lives.

The setting for the parties at this house is much like a garden party where the owner has got a swimming pool and a barbeque. I asked Alexandre if more customers would be joining the party and he informed me that I would be the only customer present today. “Just you and 12 girls”, he said. At the moment only three girls were present. One of them was the blonde girl Alexandre brought over to my table at the W Unico restaurant along with Gabriella yesterday and the two other girls were also blondes of about 7.

I don`t think it would be of much information to give a detailed description of all the events at the party. To cut the story short, it wasn`t really what I had hoped it would be. I had hoped Alexandre would stay around and act as a translator with the girls this time around too, but he didn`t. Washington kept calling for him all the time to do services for him. None of the girls spoke any English so we were not able to communicate much. The fact that I hadn`t done the regular bar round or had a bottle of wine at Suntory before going to the house didn`t help much either. It felt rather awkard that we weren`t able to communicate and the girls seemed mostly interested in talking among each other catching up on the happenings of their carnival vacations. I had also hoped that at least some of the girls would bring their bikinies and play around a bit in the pool, but they didn`t and the barbeque was not lit and left unused. The hostess kept serving me cold beers and was really the only one that seemed interested in my well being.

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After about two hours he last two girls to arrive at the party were Gabriella from yesterday and a tall, slender, dark haired morena with sparkling green eyes. She introduced herself by a name I am not sure how to pronounce. I think it is Zul, but it might also be Zol, Sul or Sol. She seemed to noticed the tence and awkard atmosphere and in order to loosen up the atmosphere started to dance samba to the music she put on the stereo. The fact that she spoke some basic English helped matters a lot too.

Soon Alexandre reappeared and said “I will come to your rescue”. He asked if I liked football and I answered that I do. He then told me that he had arranged tickets for me and him on Sunday for one of this seasons major matches in Brazillian football between two local teams from Sao Paulo. One of the teams was last years Brazilian champions and the other team last years world champions. He told me that since I was in Sao Paulo on vacation and the fact that almost all the night clubs were closed during the weekend, he thought it might be a good idea to go see the match. I had already arranged to go to Rio de Janeiro during the weekend but didn`t tell Alexandre this as I thought I might change my mind about this later.

All the girls had arrived now and Alexandre asked me if I liked any of the girls. He told me that the price would not be as high today as yesterday since I insisted on taking Gabriella to my hotel yesterday. He told me that if I chose two or three girls he would even give me an extra discount. I told him that I liked Zul and Gabriella and would like to continue privately with them later. Since the time now was running away rather quickly (it was around 21:00) and I was getting hungry, I asked Alexandre if it would be possible to buy something to eat. He told me that it would not be possible in the house, but the W Unico restaurant would open in about half an hour. All the ladies, Alexandre, Washington and I would then drive to the restaurant in a van and after the meal, a driver would drive Zul, Gabriella and me back to the house.

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At the restaurant Alexandre told me that dinner for all three including wine, the beers I had at the house and to take Gabriella and Zul back to the house until they closed at around 02:00 would be R$1700,-. I was tempted to take the girls to Fogo de Chao, where I had a reservation, and take in to a motel for the night instead. However Zul told me that she had a regular job to attend to early next morning so she couldn`t stay the whole night. She told me she worked at at a factory making candles. She also me that she had worked at W on and off for the past four years and that she was also a flight attendant, had been a playboy centrefold, had been an olympic gymnast representing Brazil and worked as a teacher at a samba school. She was a true Paulista and was the only of Washingtons girls living in her own house. The other girls live three and four girls together in Washingtons appartements around town. Since she had worked at W for such a long time I thought I might ask her if she knew where the previous partners at W worked now. She asked me if I meant Washingtons brothers Edson and Beto (Roberto). All she knew was that they didn`t work with Washington anymore. She told me that Betos artwork were hanging around on the walls at the house and that she could show me later.

After dinner the driver brought us back to the house. Zul showed me Betos paintings. I wasn`t aware of the fact that he was a painter. Then the three of us retreated to the biggest bedroom in the closed section of the house. Before sex Zul gave me an amazing samba show in the nude (this girl really knows how to dance samba).I will not give you a blow by blow description of the sex this time either, but can tell you that they gave me a really good time. They didn`t have sex with each other though and no anal but both did BBBJ.

After our session we returned to the garden in the back yard and two more customers along with three girls had arrived. I was really tired now and the time was around 02:00, so the driver took me back to my hotel as agreed.

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