Prostitution Report
from Thailand

I arrived in bk and stayed at the ymca. Its ok, costs about 120b to get to koh san rd, less to pat pong. cheapest way from the airport is the bus just outside. Taxi's r ok, cost more as they try to sting u with the quicker route by the private highway. u can say no want to go normal way as it is cheaper. tipping is up to u. By the way when u get out the airport it is bloody hot and stays like that. u can't really burn so no need to wear cream in bk. Cheap area to stay koh san rd, but loud music all night.

In pat pong there are night clubs full of lovely ladies, oh and i do mean ladies! They are often students and they will sometimes go with u for free. Otherwise there are loads of bars, clubs, brothels and street ladies. Very cheap and felt safe overall. Thai ladies have no problem kissing u and they are great at it too! Bk is more expensive than most places and some hotels make u pay to bring the lady in. I met some thai's through an ex pat there and did not have to pay, the lady (cute) came up to me and kissed me and then said join us. Spent the next 4 days with her. Left for koh samui. Train journey was hell, the bus can be better as it is air con. Once in samui went to Lamia, cheaper place and more fun, everyone is really friendly. Only 2 night clubs here, but very easy pickings. The ladies call u into the bars all day long.

Cheap accomodation there about 150b a night. Again this was a very safe place, but watch out at end of season as some places have a robbery and ur stuff can be taken from ur hotel safe. This is done to get the hotel etc through the off season. They only take money and belongings, not passports or travellers ....weird!(it's a long story). Soo onto the ladies! They are everywhere and know each other very well. If u like a girl, book her for ur trip as someone else will take her otherwise. U pay around 500-600b a day and food etc on top. (60b to the pound when i was there 2 yrs ago. I was in the toilet and the light went off and someone entered put me against the wall and tongued me (great) I knew the girl though. A lady will make it very clear if they like u of not. (boom boom) means sex! I ended up with a very sexy lady and she wanted me to move in with her, but didnot. Lady boxing happens once a wk ther and is great fun. We hired bikes (b careful they have a saying there "samui tattoos" from the scares tourists get). Go up to the mountains which is fun. Phuket is very touristy, but fun too! Better looking women on the whole there than samui. Got hooked up with a stunner and spent 10 days with her.

They are great in bed and a pleasure to b with.They will take u to the best, cheapest places to eat. It's fine to have another for a night and then go back to the first one. Basically there are two ways to play it. Look around for the one u really like ,getto know her and spend your time with her, or play the field until u pick the best.

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