Prostitution Report
from Brazil

When I arrived at Gruta Azul at around eleven I was greeted by an English speaking Gaucho, the traditional name of males raised around Rio Grande do Sul, at the door and he explained how things worked. He wasn’t full time staff, just filling in for a couple of weeks. He described Gruta Azul as being the “classiest establishment in the world”… can’t attest to that, haven’t been everywhere, but it was all definitely first class. The place is set up like a small theater, or a large first class strip club. While he led me to the table I was told that it was mandatory that I buy a bottle of wine or champagne as entrance or for the table, can’t remember. He explained to me that the women are not allowed to approach your table and it is up to you to decide who to invite over. .

I was seated several rows back from the main stage and there were little go-go stages around the place and one very near mine. The Gaucho explained the details of paying and the bottle cost about 75R. Rooms upstairs were 50R Can’t remember the prices for the girls but do remember that the whole night with a couple of beers and a drink was about 90US. I remember because that was what was later charged to my credit card. The exchange was a little better when I was there so one girl, entrance, the room, a bottle, a couple of beers and a drink should be about 100US… comparable to Centarius.. Not cheap by Brasilian standards but I had limited time and wanted to try the best the south had to offer. BTW, other Gauchos have told me that Gruta Azul is the best establishment in Porto Alegre, others say in all of Brasil… again, I can’t vouch for that. On to the women.

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The women of Rio Grande do Sul are AWSOME! There were so many beauties I could not pick. One cutie blond within earshot was looking so I called her over and offered her some wine. I had a couple beers brought to the table and offered her that or wine but she liked neither and asked for a drink and I obliged. Between my limited Portuguese and her equally limited English we conversed just fine. Hookers are a lot like taxi drivers in that they know how to communicate with limited language skills. She said she was a local college girl, 22y/o, not from Porto Alegre but yes indeed a “Gaucha”… and if you have met Gauchas they say it with a sense of pride that is unmistakable. I told her, can’t remember her name, that my only real concern was bbj and she said “nao problema” and assured me that she would and I could come all over her face if I wanted. She seemed very inviting and I was ready to take her when her buddy showed up and OH MY GOD was she a stunner! I hadn’t seen her before (the place is pretty big, I hadn’t seen most of them) again with our limited language skills we all three got along great. She never asked for a drink and just shared her friends. I didn’t offer but did offer to take them both upstairs. Interesting note here.

I also shared my concerns with the stunner about bbj but she said no she doesn’t do that. I looked at the blond with an uh oh look and she explained , there in front of the stunner, that no, she was sorry but she could not either. Then, not understanding the situation I called the blond on it and she said I must have misunderstood. Finally I realized that since the stunner didn’t she did not want to be known to also. So instead of asking the blond to find someone else I thought what the fuck, I’d love to see these two together with me… I’ll do it. Since the blond had better English I asked her if the room was the same price upstairs for two and she said no it would be 75R. For some reason I never did ask how much for the extra girl, didn’t care at that point, just wanted these two for my dupla.

Upstairs we went to the grumpy room operator who told me it would be 100R for the room. Again I looked at the blond for confirmation and she gave me the I don’t know what to say look. I told her to arrange it for 75R and she seemed to explain to him, I can’t understand all the details, that this was normal and why not now? Well the grumpy old bastard wouldn’t budge so I offered 85R. Still he wouldn’t take it. At this point I was getting that feeling you get when someone is trying to gouge you so I called up the guy with the good English and had him negotiate with this man just because I was becoming irritated with him. The Gaucho and the girls seemed to think 75R was common for a room for a three way and the old man should relent but no luck. Now I need to say at this point that it was not the 25R but the fucking of the gringo that I was having a problem with. The man would not budge, not 15R. I finally said this is not going to happen and called it all off.

Unfortunately I allowed that 25R to spoil my dupla but for some reason I had to make a stand there in the hope that the spoiled deal would reflect more on the old man than me and hopefully have some small effect on that old bastard’s policy of fucking Gringos. All was not lost though! Upon my return downstairs my table was waiting with my wine and beers and a little spinner on the go-go table in front. I called Mellisa down from her perch when the song was over and again with the little we could converse the conversation hardly fell flat. Pro bbj and a 19 y/o cutie to boot. She saw me leave with the two girls and asked me about that… I explained as best I could and we got a good laugh out of it. Off we went upstairs and needless to say I didn’t try to talk the old man down from 50R for the room. No wait for the room and when she came back in we showered and off to nest. Turns out she was a spinner in the sack as well! Everything seemed a go but anal… not a problem for me.

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I give high marks for her performance that night and she really made up for the disappointment earlier. I told her good work and she asked for cab fare home which I forgot to leave at the door on my way out. Here is a pic of Melissa: When I was done with Melissa I went downstairs and enjoyed a strip show that started around 1:30 or two. A few different girls did a good job to nude. Turns out the blond from earlier was one of the dancers that night so I at least got to see what I missed. She kept looking at me and smiling from the stage so apparently there was no hard feelings. Never saw the stunner again… too bad. By the time I left the English speaking Gaucho and I were becoming friends and as it turned out he had the next night off and offered to take me to another spot the following evening.

Turns out it was the only other spot in Porto Alegre that I had heard about… Carmens. The scene at Carmens was much different than Gruta Azul. Carmens is a converted house with a big meeting area and bar at first floor and rooms upstairs. 50R buys you entrance, two or four drinks can’t remember now and a room upstairs. I asked my new friend if we negotiate the price here or it was set as at Gruta Azul. He told me that it was set at 200R for the girl plus 50R entrance. I think this was bullshit as when I was paying my 250R later I glanced at another gentleman’s bill on the way out and his was 125R… apparently 75R for the garota and 50R entrance. He was Brasilian, as were pretty much all others there, so it could be she was a friend and he got a break or perhaps he was not charged entrance and the girl was 125R. Either way my impression now is the girls at Carmen’s are negotiatable. The girls are dressed more casually… jeans ect., and a step down in quality from Gruta Azul but not a huge step. Turns out my new “friend” was friends with a real stunner and invited her over. I knew I would take her, can’t remember her name now, as soon as she sat down. Very limited English but we conversed ok. Carmen’s also had strip shows occasionally and was very crowded.

So upstairs we went and she was great. Bbj no problem, then she went on top, a couple of other positions and I finished her doggie style. A true performer! She also would not do anal though. This girl had a truly stunning face but would not let me take uncovered photos, too bad! My bill was 250R on the way out. Here is a pic of her: My impressions… if you don’t mind paying 100US then I highly recommend Gruta Azul. It’s first class and there are some real stunners there. Watch the girls though… besides a drink the cute blond also asked me if I could tip the waitress… her “amiga”. Negotiate with the girls at Carmen’s and the bill should be less. Don’t know the address of either but ask a taxi or look in the book when your there.

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