Prostitution Report
from Thailand

Went to Pattaya this weekend on a visa run. I had planned on going to Koh Kong in Cambodia but shit happens and I didn't end up going there. I took the bus there and as all buses in Thailand are, it is a helluva bargain at 90 baht ($2 each way).

I took the 9:00 PM bus so by the time I go to PAttaya it was 11. I wanted to find a hotel a buddy at recommended but again, shit happens and I ended up going to the "White House" on Soi 13. Everything was cool, it was a fairly nice, clean room with air-con and I paid 650 baht. I tried getting it for 500 baht but to no avail. By the time I checked in, showered and went out, it was about midnight so that was perfect. I walked down the strip and checked out some of the beer bars but didn't stop as I didn't see anything that caught my eye. I worked my way to walking street and the first place I went was the Dollhouse A Go Go. There were a few decent looking girls but I passed. I like the Dollhouse in Bangkok better and did not like how pushy the girls were for lady drinks. I then went to the Pretty Girl A Go Go and found there to be no pretty girls so bailed quickly. I then made my way to the Happy Girl A Go Go and again, the name didn't fit although the girls were decent to good looking. I went to Tony's Disco and although there is a ton of pussy there, I ended up getting shitfaced drunk so I kind of lost the urge. As I was walking out I saw a girl who was making the rounds and she looked pretty good but was a bit drunk. She asked if I wanted her to go with me and I said sure....she then asked how much. I told her 1500 baht which was EXTREMELY fair if not far too much! She told me to fuck off cuz she wanted 2000 baht. With the attitude she ended up having I was happy to go home alone! The bars were still open when I rolled in about 5 AM so that is a good thing of course in light of the recent early closings.

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After I made it out and got some grub, I went over to Soi Post Office where there are a few ratty little bars. I saw a cutie standing outside of the Piss and Pussy Bar so I decided this might be a good place for a short time. I was right...After a bit of chit chat we went upstairs. This was 250 baht. I got the standard up to you from the girl on how much she wanted so we went upstairs. Got a good BBBJ (About 30 minutes) and a good fuck. She was a 7 for looks and 7 for service. I gave her 700 baht which again, was more than I should have given but she made it a point to lick my balls and ass so I figured what the hell, whats 200 baht extra? The girls in this bar are not too great looking but were very nice. Stop in there for a quick drink or BJ.

I was still hung over and went back to the hotel where I promptly crashed out. I slept until about 2AM and since I needed to make my run to the border, I went back to bed. In the morning I decided to go to Poi Pet which is on the border of AranyaPrathet for my visa run. It was cheap and easy although it did take about 9 hours from Pattaya up and back. Made the rounds to the beer bars and at about 11 I found a little cutie. She was 18, had one Thai boyfriend and had been on the job for 5 days. She had went with one older guy who supposedly was Jai Dee and didn't fuck her. Who knows....gut instinct says she was telling the truth but Ive been known to be wrong before. Anyhow....she was great. About a 7 for looks and a 10 for attitude. Although she definitely was not skilled, the sweetness factor made up for it. We fucked 4 times and I taught her to suck her first dick......this was the best one I have had in a long time and she made me remember why I love Thailand. She stayed from about 11 to noon and I gave her 1100 baht. She was very happy and I will, more than likely, be seeing her again.

A note on the hotel, the White House. Although the inside is nice, the attitude of the staff is lady in particular. After the first night she told me I had to check out because she had someone waiting for the room. It took alot of bitching and me adamantly stating I would not leave but I had told her I wanted the room for at least three days and after one night she wanted full payment for as long as I would be staying. If I wasn't so hung over I would have left ASAP. Again, the attitude is piss poor and Im not in Thailand for that. My buddy had a similar experience so, beware...

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