Prostitution Report
from Brazil

Rio de Janeiro.

There are a lot to say about this marvellous city. Most of it are already said in this forum. I'll just give you another man's opinion.It doesn't matter how much you travel in Brazil, the most beautiful girls you'll find in Rio de Janeiro.Non-pro's you can find at many places. The further from Copacabana the more easier. If you can't stand the snobbish attitude of the girls at People, Trash, W and the other chique discoteques, try a more simple place.Why not try the rock-club, Emporio, in Ipanema? Quite a young crowd, but many girls eager to meet a gringo.Might also try the mexican-place, Cozumel, in jardins (in front of Terma Solarium). Pay entrance-fee and have free food , beer and marguerithas. lots of girls. Go early, but not ugly.

The after-work discotheque in the center is called Symbol (used to be Bymarius). Best on Wednesdays, Single's night.Another option is Symbol (used to be Bymarius). Best on Wednesdays, Single's night. An after-work discotheque in the center. On Wednesday's the place is crowded. Buffet for free and cheap beer. If you don't like "Go ugly, go early", be quick. About half past eight all the beautiful girls are kissing other men.An excellent option on a weekday is Arco das telas , also in the center. An alley with several bars and discotheques, where many girls go after their work. Very relaxed and easy-going.If you're to lazy to get out of Copacabana, then try Copa'dor on a sunday, día das empregadas. Small discotheque located close to Copacabana Palace. Some nice girls to be found.What about the pro's?

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The most convenient and safe way are the termas. Quite nice to dress up in a robe and stroll around choosing a girl. I think most are already said about this places, in this forum,.The first option most gringos meet, in Rio, is Help. Personally I think Help is a fun place to go for partying with friends, but not for picking up girls. If you want a really beautiful girl you'll have the competition of the guys paying 300 reais for a one-night stand. You'll also have the ugly girls who are imagining somebody will pay them 150 reais. If you can't stand this, just head out to Avenida Atlanticá.Actually Av Atlantic'a are not only transvestites and drug-addicts. Quite a few nice girls are to be found there.A more easy option is Meia Pataca or the beach in front of Othon Palace. The beach has the advantage that you'll see what the women has to offer. Also quite easy to get a afternoon-discount. Meia Pataca can be very fun, at least for two days, meeting the women who didn´t get a customer at Help the night before.

Another option is the small brothels, might be found in the classificados, like the apartments in Sigueira Campos etc. If yo're lucky you'll find a beautiful girl.Then you also have the area around Princes Isabel. A lot of strip-clubs with rough and ugly girls.So what is the next option? You're maybe to careful to go to a baille do funk in Rocinha? (My god, what a lot of cuties!) You might also think Zona Norte is to far away.Then try the center. Praca Mauá. First take some big brown bottles of beer at the Filippino Bar. Avoid the street-girls who will approach you there. When you leave the bar, don't go the Scandinavian Bar. A much better option is the Florida Bar. Depending on the day, and how many ships in the harbour, there might be a lot of women. Some really good-looking. Price from 50 reais and up.

So what 's the next option? That's my favourite option - Vila Mimosa! A historical place. Vila Mimosa has been moved around Rio, but are now to be found close to Praca das Bandeiras. According to reports up to 1500 women are working there. This is a wild and sacred (at least for me) paradise.You take a taxi there, or bus 455 from Av Ns Sra Copacabana. When you get to Praca das bandeiras you get of. None of the other passengers could ever guess where you're going (now I'm lying). Pass the fire station. Head right over the smelling river and enter the hell! My first opinion of Vila Mimosa was that it was something from the "Planet of the apes". I loved it!

The place is quite compact. Coming from the beginning of Av Ceará, you'll first have the new galleria on the right side. Not so many casas, but some nice girlies. The next galleria is also on the right side. Go to the end, you might find a surprise. Then, also on the right side you have the U-turned galleria. Many casas, but a little bit sleazy. Good fun to walk there. All this are on the right side.

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The left side might not look so interesting. But if you enter all the alleys and all of the casas, upstairs as well, you'll propably find nicer girls on this side. All depends on when you're going, what new girls that arrived and on your patience.Many of the girls at Vila Mimosa are dirty and ugly! That's a fact. But you'll also find, maybe 10 %, that are very beautiful. Girls that would have charged a lot if they where working in Copacabana. Many of these girls (often from the out-skirts of Rio) prefer to work in Vila Mimosa beacause they get a lot of customers and they think Vila Mimosa is more safe.If you'll go to Vila Mimosa on a friday or saturday the place will be busy. You'll also have the opportunity of seeing fights and murders. In the middle of the week it's a good idea to go there about 6 o'clock when the evening-shift starts. Just sit down in a bar and have a big brown-bottled beer in a plastic cup. Enjoy the to-loud funk music and watch the new girls arrive to work.The secret abou Vila Mimosa is being curious! Put your big nose in all the casas, make friendship with the casa-owners and stay patient. You'll be rewarded.

I think the only danger you might pass is going or leaving Vila Mimosa. This you can avoid by taking a taxi.The prices are 25 reais, for 30 minutes. The quality of the rooms are very different. Some rooms are disgusting! An option is to take your girl to a motel, close-by. 30 reais for a clean room, 3 hours, with shower, TV , A/C etc.Some of the girls at Vila Mimosa are wonderful people just trying to support their kids. Treat them with the respect they deserve, and you'll be rewarded. You'll might get several visits, for free, in your apartment by your girl and her friends. ; )

Some people hate Vila Mimosa, "ugly girls and dirty rooms". Me, personally, can't be more happier than when I'm sitting in a simple bar in Vila Mimosa, sipping my cold beer, listening to Funk Proibido, deciding on going with the cutie in the second galeria, third casa right side, or the new girl at the casa in front of the cabellereiro.

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