Prostitution Report
from Thailand

First of all it is a craps shoot going through customs when you arrive in Thailand.It was very late (approx 1am) and airport was virtually deserted.Customs tried to con 200 baht to let me through.My advice is to just be polite and use any excuse not to give it, they will let you through.I think they are trying to target naive tourists and won't push the issue. A seemingly kind gentlemen approched me to hire transport to Pattaya and I thought this might be better than risking taxi fraud.After paying my baht at the desk, the gentleman instructed me to to walk to the far side of the corridor where a driver would meet me.I was an ugly American at this point because I insisted this getlemen walk with me until I met the driver.I could just see this scam in the making.

Walk to a driver that doesn't exist while this guy runs and hides, but everything turned out to be on the level. Arrived in Pattaya unscathed from a very curteous driver and I tipped him accordingly. Stayed at Pattaya Center, not really as bad as some make it out to be.Staff was very pleasant to me maybe due to the fact that most of guests seemed Chinese and they don't seem to be friendly to anyone but thier own and I think maybe this subtly changes the attitude of the staff over time.Take time to smile and make small talk and they will return the effort ten fold. Oh and also I recommend to leave a small tip daily for the housekeeper (20 to 100 baht) Yes I tipped 100 baht but everytime I left the room she was there to wish me a good morning and my room never needed extra towels or clean sheets. My first barfine was a real stunner.She took me to a disco and then suggested she would like to sing for me and off we went to this little karaoke place inside someones home.I felt a little uneasy because everyone was thai and I felt this was for locals and some of the guys could have a problem with me and this gorgeous girl.All my worries were soon laid to rest when a birthday cake arrived for me.I had forgotten that I mentioned it to my date but she sure didn't.Everyone came to wish me well.

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I was totally blown away by this almost to tears.No one ever makes a fuss over my birthday especially complete strangers.A very kind gesture. Back at the hotel, this girl orders room service and within minutes is sound asleep on my bed.Too many heinekiens.I sensed she was faking but I am not one to force myself on anyone and she put on a show of the cutest snore I ever heard.For some reason I was content. Next afternoon had some action with another bargirl then I took her shopping for a new sexy outfit.The transformation in the change room was astoundng.She looked amazing.We even caught a thai movie against my will called the Killer Tattoo.I'll tell you, I really enjoyed it.I don't speak thai but it was fucking hillarious even just trying to imagine what they were saying.Catch this movie if you can with your girl it seems to be very popular now.

You won't regret it. I order an in suite massage at the hotel from the cutest girl on the menu.Needless to say she completely blew me away.Her oral skills were incredible.She was this cute little machine at giving head and I decided this was the girl I would spend my time with.Not so gorgeous but all she wanted was to please and I had already had the lookers who left me a little less than satisfied. Our nightly ritual was to do what she loved most, DANCE.We would hit Marine disco around 1200, then Marine 2 around 300, then this small place called Boom until around 10:00 AM.On a couple of occasions she forced a pill she called medicine down my throat.My guess it is the equivalent to ectstacy.Also the Thai girls love to pick up inhalers at 7-11 for a cheap buzz. I loved Pattaya.Watch out for ladyboys, I was under the immpression I would have no problem spotting them and it would take a drunk fool not to know the difference.Not true.There is this Cabaret on Walking Street that has this Vegas type show.I ws drooling for this sexy dancer for over an hour.After the show they meet with the audience and passing by she had a very odd voice.I am fairy certain it was a man or at leat used to be, but you almost had to take a number from the guys bidding to take her home. This is getting longer than I intended but to sum things up it was an incredible.Almost addictive.

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