Prostitution Report
from Brazil

Today I went to the Uruguaiana neighborhood in Centro. Took the metro there from Copacabana. Armed with a Globo newspaper and a pocket full of condoms I started my quest for good quality low priced working girls. There is always a diamond in the rough. I actually found two. Since there were so many of these places I will tell you of only two that had those diamond girls today.As Massagistas Do Centro is at Rua Buenos Aires, 113 Sobreloja e 2 andar.

Simply no privacy after doing a girl because the Cabanas are right in the middle (left side) of the main floors (there are two floors). But there was a very cute Chocolate skinned girl who started working there recently and didn't look older than my mother as some of the other women did. She looked like a smaller version of Beyonce Knowles. Covered BJ but great sex. R$10 every ten minutes. I spent 40 minutes with her.

Massagistas 37 is at Travessa do Ouvidor, 37- 1 andar. I stopped here after getting a street vender corn on the cob for R$1.30 and buying a copy of Windows XP Professional for R$10. Man that corn was great. Ok now this was a lot better than most places I saw because they had lots more girls and they weren't that bad. Ice cold Skol too. The girls are pleasent and not pushy at all.

They all wear the same type of SO Gata outfit which is a pantere bikini and top. The girls lockers are right in the same room as the bar so many times you will see the girls walking around topless. Here I had a girl that was 19 and was just as cute as a button. Great smile, great body great BBBJ and I had the suite which came with the rate of R$60 for 40 minutes.To me it is a hit and miss with these places apparently. But there are so many it's actualy a fun way to spend an afternoon.

So being satisfied I headed home in a taxi about six o'clock. The ride back to Copacabana was R$16. I thought I would write this report then relax then shower and get ready to go out tonight when the doorbell rings. It's two of BrazilSpecialists friends returning a cell phone one of their friends rented. Then his neighbor (who is my friend also) stops by and i start telling him about my Centro trip. Somewhere along the way i mention i was getting ready to post my report on WSA. He didn't know what the WSA was so I pulled it up and started showing him some of the pics. He's laugh at the fact these girls pics are being posted (he's Brazillian).

So now after a beer he's got to go but the girls (who are still waiting for BS) ask to look at more of the pictures. So I show them. They are intriuged. I told them I post some partial face shots if they wanted and they loved the idea. Ten minutes later I'm in the hottub with both of them. So I'm posting the pics and I'm still heading out now at 12:45am to go eat at the Teracca Restaurant in front of Help disco and to see what I can sleep with tonight because the girlfriend arrives tommorrow. I'll post the pics to tell the rest of the story as soon as I can figure out how to resize them on BS's computer. I was wondering why I couldn't post pics yesturday then today I realized it's because of the size of the pics have to be under 100K. My pics are about 300K and need resizing. Sorry guys for the wait.

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