Prostitution Report
from Thailand

Pattaya is easy to get to from Bangkok. There are several buses a day from the station in town, and a few go there directly from the Bangkok airport. I think it is also possible and not prohibitively expensive simply to get in a taxi and ask him to take you there using his meter (I think this costs around 50 USD, but you should find out before trying it). At the travel desk at my hotel in Pattaya I paid about 15 USD for transportation from the dorr of hotel in Pattaya to the door of my hotel in Bangkok. Several minibusses collected everyone from their hotels in Pattaya and brought them to a full-sized bus outside Pattaya; the bus drove us to a station just outside of Bangkok, and there a second group of minibusses collected us and took us all to our hotels in Bangkok. The time was about 3 hours door-to-door, and I assume you could sign up for the same door-to-door trip in the other direction. Also, there is an airport near Pattaya with flights to some of the islands (but not to or from Bangkok)

The first thing you should do when you get there is to rent a moped. The action centers around an area that is not too large to cover on foot if you really don't want to get one, but you will waste a lot of time walking or waiting for public transportation. You will also be tempted to stay in a hotel near the action, which is not a good place to be since it is congested and noisy and the beach is not nice there. There are also many areas with action spread about town in addition to the central area, which you can explore if you are mobile. There are many beer gardens that are large and filled with girls, but most of these girls are not so hot. There are some nice ones too, but you might have to check out dozens or even hundreds of ordinary ones before you find a nice one. If you are on wheels you won't waste so much time searching. Finally, your friend for the evening might appreciate motorized transport back to your hotel.

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The north end of the walking street, which is the pedestrian-only section of the main road that runs along the beach, is the center of the action. On the streets that cross the main road there are dozens of clubs with dozens of girls in each one. I found some to be better than others, but none stood out as the best, and I think the quality of each place probably changes often. Prices are about what I was quoted in NP in Bangkok. I think st was 1,000 plus 4-500 bf. Around the clubs and in other areas of Pattaya there are huge beergarden areas some of which are the size of several football fields. The average quality at the beergardens is lower than in the clubs, but the prices are lower too, and there is a big advantage in that you can see hundreds of girls without wasting time and money going inside a bar, being seated, and buying a drink. If 1 out of 10 girls in the clubs are cute and 1 out of 100 of the beer garden girls are cute, then why would you go to the club? Why not just walk around the beer garden until you find a cute one and have the baht and the hassle? So what if there are more girls who aren't cute? Just don't look at them.

In most of Pattaya the average quality is lower than in Bangkok. But it's not the average that matters. The staggering number of available women, far greater than in Bangkok, makes it likely that you will find something cute even if the average girl is not the best. The prices may be a little lower than in Bangkok, but I'm not sure. I never bargained hard because I was only there for a couple of days, so the amounts were small to me, and I figured I'd rather the girls be in a happy mood. Someone I met told me that he slept with some girls and they never even asked him for money. He just took them around town the next day and bought them things. Careful, though. People say that the girls who don't take your money end up being the really expensive ones.

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After midnight there are some clubs a couple of hundred meters down the walking street that fill up with freelancers and perhaps girls from the clubs who didn't get taken home. A popular one that you can't miss is called Tony's. Here too most girls are ordinary, but there were always several cute ones when I looked, and that is what counts. Finally, if you really don't want to go to any trouble at all, there are even girls just walking down the street that you can meet (but I would wait for them to say something to you in order not to risk an embarassing situation).

Pattaya has a reputation for good availability of underage sex, and many girls look and probably are underage. You need to be very very careful not to pick up an underage girl. You can not rely on what the girls tell you about their age, since many young girls will lie, and the police will not be the least bit interested in what you say she said. The penalties are horrific. For sex with someone under age 18 you can go to jail, and if she is under 15 I think you can go away for 20 years, and that (just in case you are rich enough to be able to bribe your way out of the Thai prison, which isn't likely now anyway since Thailand gets money from international organizations who are insisting that they do something about underage prostitution, so now and then they need a poster boy to arrest to show that they are cooperating, and don't forget that Thai prisons aren't luxurious like prisons in Europe or the US) is before your home country gets their hands on you, gives you an additional sentence to serve in their jail, and publishes your name in the newspaper. I have heard that people get set up. They go with an underage girl -maybe even an older looking one who lies about her age - and then the police somehow know just when to burst into the room. You have to admit it would suck ...

You may have some explaining to do of people notice you going to Pattaya often. While there are many family hotels and many people who go there are not interested in sex, Pattaya is still imfamous. If you are concerned about this then you might think about a tip I read, which is not to stay in Pattaya, but in nearby Jomtien, a beach a couple of km. away to the south. Even if you are not worried what people will think you should consider staying there anyway, since the beaches are much cleaner and less crowded, and there is less congestion and noise. It is only 5 minutes away from central Pattaya by moped.

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