Prostitution Report
from Brazil

Before I start I want everyone to know that when I come to Brasil I spend 1.5 to 2 months at a time. So I know Brasil and the Termas pretty good. I returned from Brasil this trip 3 weeks ago today. Having said that I spent time at four Termas this trip: Monte Carlo, Quatro por Quatro, Solarium, L'uomo, Club 31, and Club X.

Monte Carlo: M C is my favorite terma. I fucked about 8 girls here this trip. All of my experiences for the most part were great. However this trip I had some experiences I had never had before. On one occassion I had a girl sit with me and after our initial foreplay go upstairs with me. She informed me that we had to wait for a room to become available so we went downstairs to wait. She left me and decided to leave me and go and sit on the lap of another gentelman. It just so happens that the guy was my friend. When I confronted her she said that my friend was her boyfriend and she had to spend sometime with him. I had another girl hop off of my lap and go to a another guy across the room who looked to be brasilian. Another girl did my friend the same way. I complained to the manager for what it was worth.

I found myself complaining to the manager a few other times because the girls were not active enough after sitting down. I found this to be true in all of the termas this trip. I dont know if it has something to do with the crackdown or not but I am the kind of guy that likes the girls to touch me and kiss me, etc. and I would say that fifty percent of the time these girls just were not on top of their job. However, the girls that I did have sex with at M C were great. I tried a few of the older girls this trip. Both in their early thirties and they turned out to be the best fucks I have ever had at M C. I had a few come over to my apartment a few times as well. Also, I had no problems taking pictures of the girls when I had my camera with me. Some of the girls had no problem with their faces being exposed as well. The manager actually gave knocked off $R50 off of my bill because of some of the problems I had with a few of the girls.

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L'oumo was just okay. I went to this terma once. I went early. The girls were very cold early. They all just stood around and when they did come over were very inattentive. I didnt know what the fuck was going on. They would not set on your lap or anything. Finally, I found out that the manager had instructed them not to sit in the laps of the clients. Anyhow, after about an hour a few of the girls loosened up and before I left it was jumping really good. Finally, I had one girl come over who gave me exactly what I was looking for and we went to the room. I only went to this terma once this trip.

Solarium: S is another one of my favorite termas. I always have a great time here. I went early as well and the girls were again kind of standing around. However, when my regular girl showed up it was on with me--smile. She is electric and we always have a great time. I would highly recommend Solarium.

Quatro por Quatro - is not my favorite terma. Many guys that I know and many on WSA seem to really like 4 x 4 but it is not really my cup of tea, however, anytime I go I have a good time. I had one bad experience at 4 x 4 with a young lady who stopped our session after about 30 minutes complaining that I was hitting the pussy to hard. Needless to say I did not pay for the session. Anyhow, again, it is not my favorite but there is nothing wrong with it either. I recommend that you go and check it out for yourself.

Club X - I cant remember the name is a private club around the corner from Monte Carlo. Guys, you just have to know where it is--sorry. Ther is no sign or address. This terma has about 8 girls. The quality was poor except for this one amazon. I think she must have been one of the hottest brasileiras I have ever fucked in Brasil in reference to her body. She was not all that great to fuck but she had a body to die for. She had just turned 18. The rooms are nice and clean and the cost is $R150 for one hour.

Club 31 is downtown in Centro. There, of course, are many small termas in Centro. You just have to know where to find them. This club has a $R10 entrance fee which includes two drinks. It cost $R50 dollars to fuck which includes the room cost, the girl, etc. Total cost $R60. The quality of the girls is not as great as MC or Solarium but not bad. I went early and there were about 10 girls. Before long there were about 25 or so. I found one before long and after a great conversation I took her to the room to do the do. She was great and I was very satisified. The $R50 was for a 30 minute session. I will definitely go back again next trip.

In conclusion, the thing that sticks out to me this trip was the inattentiveness of the some of the girls. I had never experienced this kind of treatment before and did not know where it was coming from. I mean, some of the girls seemed to be picking exactly who they wanted to be with and opted to sit rather than to work. Go figure.

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