Prostitution Report
from Thailand

I went to Thailand this month and thought I would check out a few places. This time I was lucky enough to have a local show me around. The advantage of that was that I was able to check out some places not on the tourist trail.One place I checked out was a place called the Poseidon. This is what the locals call a entertainment plaza.its around the corner from the Hilton hotel. Most taxi drivers know it but be warned they will try and take you somewhere else because the most probably get a kickback from another club.

Poseidon is a 10 floor complex. it look like a hotel from the out side. as you go in there is a receptionist. on the left is a small room with about girls in normal dress. These are girls you can select and take out for the evening by paying the reception the equivalent to a bar fine of about £20.these e/tras you negotiate with the girl. Alternatively you can go up there staircase in to a big loby where you will see loads of smartly dressed girls behind a window with numbers on there chests. Rest assured there is some one here for every one. you can sit down and have a beer while making your choice . When you’ve done so you can go up in the lif to one of the luxurious rooms they have .the girls behind the glass are normally about $70 for the hour. if you don’t fancy anything here you can go to the second floor via the lift. What you have here is a bar area which I very well decorated where you can sit down and have a leisurely beer while taking in the site of the many models sitting around the bar and on the sofas. The models here are all for hire, with one difference. they have the right to not go with you ,unlike the ones behind the glass on the first floor who must go with you. in there bar area you negotiate with the girl and you can take here to one of the rooms in complex or you can take her out. if you take her out you pay the bar fine.

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I on the other hand did something else.what most people don’t know is if you ask the mammas, they have many Russian and polish girls here.however they have a private room in the back where these girls can be viewed (this is technically because they are not meant to be working in Thailand and thus must operate discretely). the mamasan took me to the back room where there were 10 girls to choose from .all leggy and attractive chose a tall 6 ft blond from Poland called anna.she came ou6t of the room and snuggled her hand under mine and directed me to the lift.on the way I paid $70 to the lady and up to the 5th floor we went.we went into this very spacious room with mirrors all round,a big double bed,a tv showing a porno move and this massive jacuzzi.anna started the jacuzzi,put in some suds and came over to me.he put her arms around me and started kissing me on the lips as though we had known each other for years.her hands slipped down to my sipper which she open and then she slid it down my front to let my erection out. this she massage and before I new it she slipped down me and put my cock in her mouth sin condom and started sucking me. in the mean time my trousers fell to the floor and she move her hands around my bum and stared to put her index finger in my ass. This was amazing.

She pulled me toward her and before I knew it I shot my load. She massage my erection until it all came out and then came up with this cheeky look on her face. she undressed the rest of me and here self and escorted me to the Jacuzzi where we all got in.s he started to give me a good rub down in any which way you can touching all the right places. no kidding guys this was one amazing lady and she enjoyed every minute of it.we mad love in the bath and after a while we came out and moved to the bed. Here she started to massage me with lashings of oil. Then she moved onto me and gave me a body to body massage all over she put a condom onto me and slides onto the top of me. In the meantime she put her hands between my legs and slid a finger into my ass. You want to of seen this in the mirrors .it was a amazing sight. Any way we made love and finished after just over an hour .i think we over ran a bit and I end up giving the mamasan a tip.the girl gave me here mobile number and I agreed to see her the following night outside of the club as the club took 50% of here earning any way.

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