Prostitution Report
from Brazil

I landed at Guarulhos airport around 13:00 and used about an hour clearing passport check, waiting for my luggage, clearing customs, exchanging some USD to Reals and finding a taxi. The temperature was a whopping 33ºC and it was really humid. After a 13 hour flight with a time difference of four hours and a temperature difference of about 40ºC from home I was really longing for a shower and some sleep. I managed to find a radio taxi with aircondition and I was on my way to my hotel. My hotel was the Grand Estanplaza hotel located at Rua Arizona in Berrini. This is a really garota friendly hotel right next door to the rather upscale strip club Cafè Gauguin and a short walk away from Shopping Morumbi and the World Trade Center. The hotel is quite new (about one year old) and very nice. Every room has got a balcony and the suites have got jacuzzies. The pictures on their webpage doesn`t do this hotel justice as it is really beautiful both inside and outside.

The first thing that struck me as I entered the reception area was the beauty of the two female receptionists that welcomed me with a glass of champagne as I checked in. One of these ladies turned out to be exceptionally helpful and friendly with all my needs and questions “touristwise” during the rest of my stay. For instance she happily phoned and reserved tables at all the 18 restaurants I had prepared on a list for her. When I wanted to change my room into something smaller she showed me all the different room types before I had to make up my mind and she never winked an eye at the garotas I brought with me to my room. It was up to me and the girl in question to decide if we wanted to register her before going up to the room. I never tried to bring more than one girl up to my room, but I wouldn`t be surprised if that was possible too.

Let me take a brief pause here to inform you a little about my intentions for a trip such as this. I am on a vacation, that means no business. My main interest here in Brazil is of course the women, but I also have a passion for good food and wine. So everywhere I go I always prepare a list of the restaurants I need to visit. On this trip the list was quite comprehensive. In my report I will briefly mention the restaurants I visited, but will not make this a restaurant review. So if anyone wants some more info on any of the mentioned restaurants, please send me an e-mail at and I will give my advice.

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Once inside the room I unpacked, sent some clothes away for laundry, showered and went happily to sleep for about 4 hours until 18:00. I had really hoped to hook up with Marglo from WSA or Hub666 from WSG on this trip, but their schedules didn`t allow such a meet on my trip this time. So I was prepared to rumble Sao Paulo on my own.

After yet another shower and a change of clothes I was ready to visit the first restaurant on my list - D.O.M. After a fantastic meal and a bottle of wine I looked forward to my first Brazilian woman of 2004. I took a taxi to W Unico on Av. Chibaras 992 Moema as planned and arrived at around 22:00. I was greeted at the door by a big imposing black guy with some phrases in Portugese. I tried one of my few practiced Portugese sentences “Nao falo Portugese”. This seemed to do the trick as he went inside the restaurant and returned with another person who approached me in handshake motion and said “Hi, I am Alexandre. Welcome to W Unico.” Alexandre told me that this monday really was not the best day at Unico because generally mondays were a bit slower than the other days during the week and several of their girls had not returned from their carnival vacation yet. Alexandre showed me around the restaurant which consisted of about ten tables and a big bar area. Behind the bar, the owners (Washington and Gustavo) have their offices and there is a VIP room where the customers can bring the girls for some “action”. From the stairs behind the bar the second floor which is no more than a big indoor balcony is reached.

Up here is a pool table. Alexandre informed me that they could arrange a private festa with the girls of my choice up here and they would also arrange a female bartender if I wanted that instead of the male waitor downstairs. Once back on the first floor again I notice no more than four or five ladies present and no other customers. No lady appealed to me right away and I ask Alexandre if more girls would be coming. Alexandre told that some more girls would be coming but that a day later in the week might be a better choice. He also told me that they have a book where all their girls can be seen. I asked him if I could see this book, but his answer was that it was not possible at the moment. Alexandre left me, and the waitor took my order for a Caipirinha.

Before I set foot in W Unico I was determined to use this night to gain the trust of the staff in order to get an invitation to their house. This house is used to throw parties for their customers. One customer and ten to fifteen girls in a private house with a pool and a barbeque. This house used to be located at Alameda Irae but the operation is now moved to Alameda dos Camaiuras. The house is open on appointment only from monday to friday and the W Unico restaurant is open from monday to thursday. So even if the selection wasn`t all that good, in order to gain entry to “The Masion” I was ready to maybe take an 8 home instead of going somewhere else looking for a 9 or a 10.

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After a while Alexandre reappeared and asked me if I see anyone I like. I asked him when the rest of the girls would show up. He told me that they would come at any moment now and as we spoke two more girls entered the restaurant but to my disappointment they were no better than 6 or maybe 7. Since I didn`t seem too enthusiastic about any particular girl Alexandre brought over two girls sitting at another table. One is a powerfully built (this lady must lift some weights) girl with dark hair, big beautiful eyes and an incredible hard, well shaped bunda. She introduces herself as Gabriella. The other is a blond who didn`t catch my attention much with blue eyes and I don`t remember her name.

Alexandre told me that no girls available tonight spoke much English so he sat down with us and acted as a translator trying to hook me up with one of these girls. Alexandre told me that Gabriella was a gymnast, that she worked at Unico a couple of weeks at a time when she is able to get away from her regular job as a flight attendant. After a while the blonde girl understood that I really wasn`t interested in her and left me with a kiss. Alexandre asked me if I liked Gabriella and after she had removed her sunglasses she seemed quite attractive to me. She was not a 10. Probably an 8, but she seemed very friendly and to me a GFE with an 8 is preferable to a 10 with an attitude. It seemed to me that Alexandre wanted to push me to make a choice, so I told Alexandre that I really didn`t see anyone who really turned on my sparks but that Gabriella was a friendly, attractive lady who I would like to take back to my hotel for the rest of the night if Alexandre was able to arrange a party at their house the next afternoon. Alexandre seemed surprised that I knew about the house and he asked how I knew about it and if I knew or had ever spoken to Mr. W aka. Washington. I told Alexandre that I used to go to W at Rua Alvorada in the past, had never spoken to Washinton but to Roberto. Alexlandre replied that they have moved the operation of the house from Alameda Irae to Alameda dos Camairas.

The new house has a more private location and is bigger and more beautiful than the old one on Irae. It didn`t seem like he understood which Roberto I meant because he asked me if I meant Roberto Bellini. The Roberto I was referring to is Washintons brother who used to own W on Rua Alvorada. I don`t know Robertos last name, so I just answered “Yes” to his question about Roberto Bellini. Later I have learned that Roberto Bellini is quite a different person, but I still don`t know who this is. Alexandre told me that he needed to speak with Washington and left Gabriella and me. Gabriella knew some basic English but was worried if we would be able to communicate once outside the restaurant. I reassured her that I had a dictionary at my hotel room. She seemed okay by this and started pouring down whiskey and Red Bull.

After a shile Alexandre was back and told me that all was set. He handed over W Unicos card to me and wrote down his phone number on the backside along with the address of “The Maison” - Alameda dos Camaiuras 169. He told me to call before I came and that I should come around 16:00 the next day. Gustavo came over to my table and asked if everything is to my satisfaction in perfect English. Alexandres English is quite basic, so Gustavo told me that if Alexandres English was a problem he could act as a translator instead as he had lived quite a few years in Los Angeles and spoke English fluently. I reassured him that everything was fine. Alexandre wanted to know if we I wanted to leave for the hotel now and I answered “Yes”. The waitor who spoke no English handed the bill to me.

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Let me take a brief pause again to explain my mony policy when I am travelling. I never use a credit card. I always pay by cash. In my opinion it is a much bigger chance to get cheated when using a credit card than getting robbed of my cash. I never walk the streets but always takes a taxi wherever I go. I try to limit the cash I bring with me to what I need. Another reason for why I always pay with cash is the fact that I personally know several persons working at the bank I use and it would be very easy for them to see the big expenses I have in Brazil and thereby make there own conclusioins about what I am doing here if I paid with credit card. So I like my privacy and pay with cash.

Before I left for Brazil I had read a couple of posts about W Unico on several boards on the internet. The reports told that the price for taking a girl out of the restaurant and back to “The Maison” for a few hours would be R$600,- and that taking a girl back to the hotel would be R$800,-.

When the waitor showed my the bill I was quite surprised as it showed just under R$1100,-. I had two Caipirinhas and Gabriella had three whiskies and Red Bull. I really wanted to be able to go to the party, so on this particular night this price was something I didn`t have any problems accepting. However since I always only bring cash, my fear was that I hadn`t brought enough cash to cover this. After counting my money I found out I only had R$1000,-. The waitor started arguing that this was not enough, so I asked to speak to Alexandre again who understood English and told him that I had more money at the hotel and that I would give Gabriella the rest once at the hotel. Alexandre that this would be no problem, took my money and left for a short while before returning and then told me that Mr. Washington himself would drive Gabriella and me to my hotel. This was a good thing as I didn`t have money left for a taxi now. So Washington and a security guard drove Gabriella and me to the hotel where Washington shook my hand and thanked me for the business before Gabriella and I entered the hotel. Gabriella didn`t want to register at the front desk and “my” friendly girl at the desk didn`t have any objections to this – so we went straight up to my room.

I will not give a blow by blow description of our rumble in my hotel room, but I can tell you that this girl really had a well toned body and that the sex was excellent - BBBJ, no anal. When we woke up the next morning she kissed me goodbye and told me that she would see me at the house later that afternoon. I gave her a little taxi money as agreed by Alexandre and me and the rest of the money I wasn`t able to pay at the restaurant the night before, waved her off and went back to sleep.

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