Prostitution Report
from Brazil

I was inside Help Disco. Took out my wallet to buy a drink. Before I could finish my drink I noticed that I no longer had the wallet. It was in the front pocket of my pants. Good thing this was a decoy with only enough $ for a couple of drinks and nothing else! I think they watch you when you buy drinks. The next morning I went to the beach and they stole my towel! I am trying to find a way to create a decoy towel!

I was at Luomos fucking when my condom broke and my sperms were "Liberated". She got really pissed off but later changed her attitude and came to me twice asking me to come back the next day. My instincts told me she was setting me up for a bogus pregnency extortion, so I didn't go back. Reader opinions are welcome...

I used to love Centaurus but I was really surprised at the decline in the quality of the girls there. Additionally, they all had an attitude problem. The worst sex I had in Brazil was at Centaurus. The management as usual treats foreigners with an insulting attitude. I will never go to Centaurus again - ever. I propose a boycott.Luomos and Solarium were good. Monte Carlo was OK. I never liked 4X4 but I know many guys love that place.I talked to several Help Disco girls and they all wanted R$300 for 2 hours - and they wouldn't budge. This is bad considering this was the low season.

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Other highlights:
I spent some time with Ground Zero and his buddy - really great guys.I met Bwana who was staying at the same hotel. Bwana is a very nice and generous guy with the heart of gold.

BTW, the receptionist at Arpoador Inn has a book with a bunch of girls' pictures (from different agencies). You pick the girl and they will call her over. This is a little safer than calling the agency directly. The guy recommended the first girl in the book named "Julie". I told him OK and the girl showed up in 45 minutes. Had a nice body but a very wrinckly face (sun light damaged) so I paid her cab fare and sent her packing.I called Carla Models and asked for a slender Loira - and they sent me the exact opposite: A fat ugly mulata with very tick eye glasses. Paid her cab fare and sent her packing too. I didn't call any more agencies after that.

Frank's was pretty good. Doma's sucked. Barbarella's was wierd. There was one topless girl dancing in the corner and the rest of the girls were psuedo dancing on the big stage wearing their jeans and shirts - nothing sexy. I asked one girl to go to my hotel and she asked me for $R 1600 for two hours !!! I got her down to $R 250 for two hours but she wasn't very happy and tried to get out of it several times and of course I wouldn't let her. I fucked the shit out of her and made sure that she stayed exactly for 120 minutes just to teach her a lesson!

BTW, the distance between Doma's and the other two strip joints is only about a three-minute walk but you need to cross an intersection were you are likely to be attacked at night. Be safe and take the taxi.

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