Prostitution Report
from Brazil

About a year ago I spent some time in the three corners area, where Brasil, Argentina, and Paraguay meet, and Iguazu Falls makes Niagara look like a trickle. No action on the Argentina or Paraguay sides, but Foz Iguazu (Foz do Iguacu, if you're looking at a local map) in Brasil had a couple nice spots. I stayed on the Argentina side, as I liked the view of the Falls from the Sheraton. Crossing the border into Brasil they did check visas, into and returning from Paraguay they ignored everyone (smuggling is Paraguay's prime industry). One evening I decided to celebrate the locale with a threesome: one each from each of the three countries.

The best place to meet international talent is an open air music venue called Brasil & Brasil, at Av Brasil and Reboucas. There are prettier Brasilian girls at a couple of the clubs, but prices are high and their attitude sucks. We adjourned to a high end love motel and proceeded with preparations. By the way, this love motel compared to the best in Rio: three usable levels with beds on each; retractable roof for those who want to screw under the stars; sauna on the second level and swimming pool and spa on the third; decent sound and video systems; plus lots of kinky merchandise in the room to stimulate last minute creativity. Expensive (300 realis) but worth it. Action was enjoyable; Soeli (the Brasilian) was the star performer. Older (29) but a great attitude, always smiling, taking the initiative and getting the other girls to do wild things. Lara (the young looking argentine blonde) showed less initiative but was fairly new to the programa. No problem with any of the three holes from any of them. If I wanted to organize a party there, I'd give Soeli the budget and tell her to make it happen -- she knows all the girls.

Price for three for about five hours was 300 realis, plus I gave Soeli a tip: bad practice, but she earned it. One word of warning: when I went back to Brasil & Brasil the next night, the manager treated me to a beer and all the regulars crowded around to congratulate me. Turns out the girls had shared a blow (literally speaking) by blow description of the night with everyone; so if you expect privacy and confidentially, you might want to look elsewhere.

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Well, guess I need to be a bit more careful about resizing photos before the post. Anyway, on to Rio. I was there with friends about five months ago and like most Brasil fans found much to enjoy. The highlight was a party at VIPS Motel, where we rented Suite Brisas. For those of you who follow the posts, Suite Brisas is the southernmost suite in VIPS, right next to the famous Suite Millenium. I'll concede Millenium is the best suite there, but Brisas is in my seldom humble opinion second best: two waterfalls; steam and dry saunas; pool; sex chair; and absolutely great views over the ocean at sunset. Try to get there before sunset if you're having a party. You can see pictures of all the suites on the VIPS website.

Girls enjoyed it, including the music: The lady in the white boyshorts has been my favorite over an extended period. She is a Paulista who relocated to Rio, and confirms the stereotype that Sao Paulo women really are better looking. She had breast implants last August, unfortunately (in my judgment; the other guys seem to like them just fine) -- see below for before and after. I'm going to be back in Rio April 17 - April 24, and being a selfish bastard will wait till afterwards to provide her name, face, and contact info. We also had a participant with a great tan that deserves to be shared, especially for those of you growing tired of all the small breasts in my posts. Last trip three of us tried Termas Solarium, in the spirit of unbiased research, and found the girls average, the atmosphere very friendly, and the Brasilian businessmen (yes, there were some there) very easy to talk to. Unlike some other posts, we had no issues with overcharges. As everyone says, the best strategy is to spend relaxed time at the bar and let the girls chat (or feel) you up before making any decisions.

As mentioned, a friend and I will be in Rio in a month, and would like to meet with the famous mongers that I see will be there at the same time. Sounds like the best way to do that is to drop in on the legendary Don at Cafe Alcazar around lunch time. We have a nice place rented in Ipanema (4000 sq feet, swimming pool, penthouse) and would be interested in throwing a party there with a congenial group. Our girlfriends are coming with us, but they have already declared their intention of picking up Brasilian beach boys with abs of steel and tans that make George Hamilton look like an albino, so we will have plenty of slack time.

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