Prostitution Report
from Brazil

I just got back from Salvador. There are some fine women up there of all colors. I was there for two weeks for carnival. Man whar a rump roast! I tried to mind my business one day and not sleep with anyone. It didn't work. I went to the Mall (Shopping Barra) to get a bite to eat around lunch time. I don't recall the name of the place in the food court but it was near the Bob's. He has a place that looks like McDonalds.

The woman at the place serving stand outside the counter as well as in the counter area. They take your order and the other women serve your food. They are all earger to talk to you if you speak english. The one taking my ordre was about 4'11". She was georgeous. She took my order and strated asking me how to say some things in English. We had a nice conversation and then we exchanged numbers. I never got a chance to call her because I ended up hooking up with two other women.

I sat down with my food and there were no other people sitting near me. I got all involved with my food and did not notice the audience I had drawn. The first couple were very young looking. They just watched and turned away when i looked up directly at them. Those are the good girls. They are a little shy about eye contact. They will however finally make eye contact with you. I looked to my left and there were some pros there. They smiled and waved and started sucking on some candy sticks to give me the picture. I finally looked ahead of me. There were two fo the most beautiful wmen i had ever seen. Both with tinted skin and long black hair. A minute or two later an older woman joined them. She was fine as hell also and had the same type of tight ass pants they younger girls had on. It was plain to see that they were sister out with their Mom. They kept smiling and finally I said hello. They siad they thought I was Americano. They talked a while and I finally left. I saw them later and talked with the older more serious looking sister. She got my address and number and asked when I was going back to my apartment. I said around 3pm. She said she would give me a call and come by. I didn't belive her.

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The bitch showed up with her sister. She told me in broken english that her sister had never been with an american and would I do the honors since she was really attracted to me. I felt real funny about the thing especially since the apartment was small with no door to the bedroom and her old sister would be right in the other room. I felt better when little sis took her shirt off and went in to take a shower.

Long story short. I ended up fucking both of them. It was free. No money involved. That's a quick story to let you know the action is there. This is not even one of the good stories.

To answer your question. There is an area near a huge bus stop near the beach. I think it's Oceanic ave. Hookers are there at the sidewalk cafes. Some look like hookers and look real bad. Be patient. The nicer looking ones will come along. They will stare you down. That's how you will know who they are. If you don't wnat that one, don't stare back too long becuase they will come over. They charge about $200 Real. Offer $150. They will most likely take it. While I was there they started asking for $300 Real or $100US. I said no. I watched one night from 7pm till 5Am. No one would buy from them. it was really funny. There is a light skinned old dude that is their pimp. He speaks english and want to go to hollywood some day. He's nice but I notoce when ever he was there, The girls went up on the price.

If you want a more upscale looking woman, Go to Rock and Rio or Tropicana. You can get the same price but the girl are even more pretty. I even found some real upscale girls at the restaraunt Boi Pretta. Problem there is you will end up paying for her dinner and prbably adminssion and drinks to the Rock and Rio which is accross the sreet. I decided when we all went for dinner that I wasn't going to get a girl from there. I tried real hard not to look at the women but they kept coming in and got better and better looking. I have never seen such fine women. We finally went to our table and I did not have to worry about any women. When I was at the salad bar, a woman I saw earlier was staring at me. My partner saw and came over and said something to me. Needless to say I ended up with her and her friend at their table. I paid for three dinners and drinks. It's an all you can eat place so I didn't fell real back. It's about $38 Real.

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We all went to Rock and Rio. I only paid for two entires. I let the other girl pay for her own. I bought drinks for all three a couple fo times and we danced the night away. They had two live bands. Olodum was one band. Check them out if you can. They are good. They played with Mike Jackson and Paul Simon.

She asked for $100 US. I said ok. Oh, i for got to say I ended up paying for gas for her car. We dropped her friend ouff and went by her house to pick up a thing or two. She started telling me that she really like me. We went to my apartment and I took a shower and the bitch fell asleep. She woke up in about an hour and took a shower. She then fucked my brains out. I tried to take control but I was just powerless against this woman. We both fell asleep. I woke up to her tugging on my prick. We did it again. Again i was useless against her. I was beginning to believe the Brazilian woman thing. We fell asleep again. we actaully had sex 5 times that night between 3AM and 12 noon the next day. I was not the man unitl the 4th time and 5th time.

Funny thing, the bitch fell in love. She said no charge for the sex. She gave me her number in Brazil, her number in Sapin where they work after carnival and her Mom's name and number. She even gave me her email address. She told me about her son and said she would like to have a child with me. She said she wanted to get to gether again that night and go out and then ceom back to my apartment. She asked that I get a friend for her friend. I said ok. She called me all day after she left. I had every intention of getting with her again. I got cought up with some other woman. I was there 10 days. I screwed 14 girls. Only four of them were pros.

You can also find the same set of women in the Pelourinho district as the beach area by the light house i spoke of earlier. I did see seome upscale women there also. Just go in the area where they are selling things. it's in the middle of the churchs. They will find you. trust me.

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