Prostitution Report
from Alabama

I have recently discovered your sight and I'm interested in joining i've recently moved to the city of Birmingham Al. I just now started checking out the street scene in a couple of areas. I'm being patient with this I like to see the same girls on the street several times and at different times of day before I approach any. However what i have seen has been encouraging if anyone is interested there are several decent looking girls on the 78 hwy past the truckstops one is a skinny blonde with long hair and very nice legs I saw her getting picked up today by several black gentlemen.

There is also one heavy set blonde with a nice looking face I've seen her get into several vehicle I've seen her mostly in the middle of the day and only one night. there is one more skinny blonde who mostly wears a dress or black shorts she has short hair and rode hard put up wet face. you can find her almost anytime walking the road. two extremly skinny brunettes can be found hanging out under the overwalk by the chevron they must be a favorite for they are always getting customers even though they are not great looking. The Bessemer Hwy is another place of interest one tall skinny attractive blonde can be found in the late evenings. She approached when I was getting gas she had noticed me pass by several times then she was gone i guess she saw my car at the pumps and had her date drop her off after they finished. I only had my credit card at the time and had to defer for a later date she said she'd keep a look out for me.

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