Prostitution Report
from Argentina

It is a hard core pro kinda place, in fact it seems to attract the hardcore pros from other countries...why I cannot figure, beyond interesting architecture, great food, and once having been the epicenter of modern day LA it has little to offer. While BA women can be very beautiful, they are a bit too euro for me....In my 3 days here in BA so far I've had two mongering out of Cafe Orleans, the other out of Matadahos (sp)

At the cafe I met up with Rosy, Paraguayan chica....although she presents a good front as friendly I found her to be a shark...cute, yes but her age whatever it is is starting to show around the eyes. Slim, very nice c-cups, well trimmed bush, feet a little more tore up then I'd prefer (mental note, check the toes more closely next time) Now I made a mistake, and I knew it as soon as I did but alas you live and learn, actually I made 2, one unintentional, the other very intentional.Mistake numero uno... I negotiated for TLN...bad idea...always test drive the car before you apply for long term financing.Mistake number dos... I paid her before the night was over....

Now I'll explain... We agreed for 300 pesos for TLN, around lets say....9pm.... So we get back to the hotel for round one....very short BBBJ, then the cover....then I went to work....well after round one, I was kinda disinterested....This I think from the kid in the candy store syndrome so I really wanted to get rid of her, and figured I would try a test....if she passed great, if not, just as well. I paid her at this point which by now is 3 hours later....she, after about 10 minutes suddenly tells me its 3 hundred dollars at which time I told her no it was not, and in fact I specifically reiterated it was pesos in the taxi...while my spanish is not great, its passable enough for these levels of at this point I invite her to leave. Now I knew exactly what she was going to do when I gave her the money and she did it on cue. This being said I would that the overall quality of Cafe Orleans must have taken a real header from everything I was told by an american investment banker that lives local. Also checked Cafe Exedra which on one night had 4-5 reasonable prospects, however there where also a lot of civilians (also read old people bystanding)

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My second experience was take out from Matadahos (sp)....interesting club, me personally I prefer the grimier places...I didnt like the gold clubbish atmosphere, however Im sure others would. Anyway, myself and two of my cohorts ended up taking out a buddy of mine got one previously mentioned on a forum....Natalia, or something to that effect, she was mentioned in a post I read as looking like Demi Moore, and was supposedly a drink whore...well her Ill get back to. The other buddy took a very nice looking brazilian, long blond hair, DDs, about 5 ft, 4 inches....nice looking if you like the Pamela Anderson look-alike type...not my style however...he got her for 200 Pesos, and from what I heard this morning, she gave great fact he told me he had to ask her to leave.....her massage however was rather mediocre, or so he says.....

Me, well I like big butts....:D So I went out with a very tall light skinned Dominican....she seemed rather new, and rather inexperienced....she held that same kind of attraction a new used car does for anyone...despite the fact you have a car you still find this new one interesting. She turned out to be a clock watcher, but not the pro kinda clock watcher but the I'm too new to know anything about customer service kinda clock watcher. C-cups, very small waist, and very wide hips...just like I like em..... trimmed bush, no smell.....very nice feet however.... She was ok, I put her through her paces...and then she says she must go, but wants to see me which I replied maybe but she needs to learn to relax a little and not be in such a rush if she wants to see me again....All in spanish mind you...250 pesos 2 hours....

Now....Natalia, or Demi Moore or whatever you want to call her....she is actually Italian, brought to BA when she was 3 or so she to being a drink whore, if you show me a girl in these clubs who is reasonably attractive, and is not a "drink whore" I've got a couple of bridges you might be interested in. Now my partner in crime was as I was a LA newbie, and in fact he's not a pro as far as mongers go, but he got out of the club only having bought her an OJ, and got her for 2 hours. Now from what I hear, this girl knows her stuff and is quite the lil racehorse. Plenty of talking about how she wanted the leche. I also understand that she is quite flexible. While he didnt have to kick her out she was in no hurry to leaver per se, and made sure she gave him every concievable piece of contact detail she could including her street address.

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All things considered while I'm sure we could have gotten away with spending less per engagement I dont think we got gouged, or allowed ourselves to. Tonight's expedition was to Cattos, and while one of the our 3 man team was out two of us went having sworn a solemn oath that I was going to get a reasonable amount of sleep tonight I figured that I should abstain, and plus writing about this stuff is almost as good as doing it.... So of the team one of us is getting our silver shined tonight, and I think the price he got was 100 pesos from a girl that actually spoke decent english...more to come on that tomorrow.

What I've learned.....
1. If your type is the PR or DR type of Chica you are going to be in the hurt locker when visiting BA, some, but not much...
2. You can find DR Chicas however they want BA prices......
3. If you come to BA with no spanish, again, you are in the hurt will find at most 2 girls per club that speak passable english....What I did was get some spanish-english translation software for my handheld, an IPAQ to supplement my helped a great deal
4. Never pay in dollars
5. Avoid all Chicas who have traveled abroad if she tells you this run for the hills, she will be trying to price herself as if shes in Paris.
6. Be prepared to register your Chica if you are at one of the 5 Sheratons in BA.
7. Food is cheap, wine is cheap, hotels are generally if they are mainstream priced in dollars.
8. Be patient, be prepared to wait them out, let them come and go, the later and emptier the clubs get the lower the prices...
9. Avoid anything that remotely resembles a pro, and agree on everything up front
10. Don't be afraid to show them the door, save the guilt complexes for your wife
11. Don't feel obligated to buy drinks
12. Always take the initiative on price, someone said it here and the advice is right on the money.
13. Don't be afraid to politely tell them they are priced way too high.
14. If she gives you a price in dollars she is a pro, see rule #9

That's all I can think of now...happy huntin

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