Prostitution Report
from Aruba

Been going to Aruba regularly since 1991, usually in February or March. Its a little piece of heaven with awesome beaches, great restaurants, casinos and a few “social bars” in San Nicholas for some late night fun.

Just to get your bearings, San Nicholas is to the right when you exit the airport and the main town, Oranjastadt, and the resorts are to the left. If driving by yourself, head for Charlie’s Bar and keep heading a little further down the street. The business of the town is refining oil - quite a stark contrast to the tourist area. All the cab drivers can take you where you want to go, but the island is easy enough to get around if you rent a car. It is also tougher to get a cab back to the resort area from San Nicholas (typical cost $20 each way - fares are set by the government so at least there’s no haggling) so if you take a cab, offer the driver a drink at the bar and ask if he’ll wait for you.When I first started checking out the bars in San Nicholas I took cabs. Every driver was willing to hang around for a free drink. (Actually, its a very friendly island and they may have just felt obliged to keep an eye on the idiot tourist). Its a “tough” looking area, with some panhandlers and some drugged out vagabonds, but ever since I have been driving down there myself I have not had any problems (and I’m definitely not “tough” looking). You may be approached for a couple of bucks to “watch the car” and I always pay them a couple. No problem mon. The cabbies have warned me in the past that the druggies can get rough, but my experience indicates they may just be trying to keep me taking cabs.

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The cabbies will take you down a street with a number of bars you can check out. They will typically have a favorite one to recommend and it will be as good as another. The girls change over every number of months, so I have never been back and seen the same one after a year’s absence.The general protocol is you go in, sit down and a drink, and, depending on how busy the place is, you will be approached by a girl who asks if you’d buy her a drink. If she appeals, by all means, if not, just politely decline. As is typical, she will make money off the drinks as well as from her services. You can also scan the room and making eye contact with your new “girlfriend”.

The girls generally come form South America and most of them do not speak much English. Even so, you can usually have a little small talk before the question of what may delight you comes up. Depending again on how crowded, they may be so bold as to stroke your crotch or show you a little breast. In the early 90’s, $30 got a wonderful full service romp in one of the rooms typically located upstairs from the bar or out the back door and next door to the bar. Its gone up since - but only to $40 in most cases. Some girls will start to negotiate and suggest $60 or more - stick to $40. Others will just say okay when I first suggest $40 and we’re off.The girls looks range across the board, but in every case I have found one ranking at least an 8 on a tough scale. I’ve been to Minchie’s Bar a couple of times (their rooms are out the back and next door), but my favorite is one bar around the corner to the left on a street running parallel to the main street, called the Los Vegas Bar. Open parking lot across the street where you may have to pay a local the couple of bucks, but many times no one is there. Very quiet, usually only a couple of locals. Frank has been behind the bar all these years - nice, quiet guy, no pressure on the drinks. The locals tend to just chat up the girls and not take them upstairs, so you usually have your pick. The rooms upstairs are nothing to speak of, a couch, table, dresser, bathroom & bed. Don’t let any of them tell you theres a room charge either.

If you return a couple of times, the problem you run into is that the first girl you got familiar with will claim you for hers. If you are looking for variety, it can be tough to say no the one you had the previous evening in order to meet some of the others, but you have to be firm!

Its definitely one happy island!

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