Prostitution Report
from Brazil

Before I talk about the three agencies I experienced I want to recommend anyone thinking about using an escort service to print out the pictures of the girls you are interested in so that you can compare the photo with the girl as soon as they walk in the door. Secondly, make it very clear with the woman on the phone that you will not pay anything, not even return cab fare if they do not send the woman you requested. Third, make sure about the cab fee. You dont want them coming to your apartment and then telling you that the cab is $R50. I have never had this happen but it is a possibility. Get as much information as you can up front. Forth, if the girls are going to be more than 30 minutes late ask the agency to call. I have found that for the most part the girls do not show up on time. Look to wait at least 30 minutes past the time you ask for them to arrive and if they show up on time count it as a blessing--smile.

Karlas Models is $R100 for 2 hours plus cab fare. The cab fare for me was $R30. Total $R130. When I had two girls come over I only paid one cab fee as they both arrived together. So two girls cost $R230 for 2 hours.I think that Karlas Models is the best. I had four girls from there. Claudinha, Tatiana, Luma, and Bionca. All were great and for the most part on time.

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Agencia Cris
This agencia was similar priced to Karlamodels but the cab fare was about $R5 or $R10 less.

This agency was a nightmare. They never sent over the right girl. I ordered Isabela, Julia, and Mariana. Now Julia is a blonde and Mariana is a morena. I ordered Julia and Mariana as a dupla. When they arrived Julia was a morena and Mariana was a blonde. My new blonde Mariana looked like dog shit so I sent her back. My new Julia was about a brasilian 6 in the face but she had a 9 for a body so I kept her and made the best of a bad situation. The Isabela who arrived was darker than the picture and just did not look like her at all. However, again, I just made the best of a bad situation. Part of my keeping them is that they were going to do whatever I wanted and they did. They let me take all the pictures I wanted and the sex turned out to be really good. However, I decided that I wasnt going to use Agencia Cris again on this trip and if I used them in the future I was going to use the above recommendations.

Rio Relax
I made only one request from Rio Relax. I ordered Luana Werner. I had been looking at that big pretty ass on the website for months and could not wait to fuck the hell out of her. However, she was a bad experience. When she arrived she had a beautiful muscular body, about a 10, but her face was about a brasilian 5/6. Sex with her was terrible. She had breast implants and apparently they were sore. She would not let me suck on them or touch them and if she layed on them a certain way she complained. When we tried to have sex she complained that I was fucking her to hard. She kept stopping and checking the condom. She wanted to suck dick through a condom and didnt want to kiss. She wanted to control the action and tell me what positions to fuck her in and when. Just a total nightmare. Finally, she stopped and told me to pay her for an hour and that she was leaving. I had requested her for 2 hours. She turned out to be a total bitch. I recall her walking in with her Hugo Boss purse acting stuck up from the beginning. Her whole attitude was fucked up. I ended up paying her $R100 and gave her no cab fare. The cost at Rio Relax is $R200 for 2 hours and nothing extra for the cab or $R150 for one hour plus $R20 taxi (taxi varies depending on location). You do the math. It is best to pay the $R200 and keep them for 2 hours.

In conclusion, I would say that the escort services are good alternatives for sex. Definitely good for a rainy day. However, it is hit and miss. Since you cant see there faces you have to hope they dont look like shit and hope they send the right girl. It can be a little frustrating but can be pleasant as well. If you have the time, and I might do this next trip, you can go to the agency location and look through their book. The book shows all of the girls and their face are exposed.

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