Prostitution Report
from Burma

Spent some time in Burma Feb 2000. A nightclub strip in downtown Rangoon looked promising, but only massages offered. On to Mandalay. No visible or obvious activity in Mandalay. I found a regular driver there and challenged him to find me some action. We drove a long distance and ended up at
a non-tourist part of town. On the way he told me he had taken a few Japanese businessmen there before but no westerners and had not even seen any westerners there before. We were stopped at the end of a dirt road by six or so guys he said were lookouts. I was getting nervous but after
some conversation we were allowed down the dirt road.
I guess they were lookouts. We stopped in front of a two story house where more twenty-something guys were gathered. My driver said they were pimps. We entered the house and there sat ten or so novelies. The price was $20US for one hour. They seemed nervous and when I picked one out she only went upstairs with me after an argument with her pimp. Upstairs we had the usual [for Asia] shower, a nice BBBJ in the shower, then more BJ, then sex in three positions with condom [I brought my own]. After initial nervousness from her she got into it and seemed to enjoy. She got very friendly and made it clear[no English] that I should come back. My driver told me that they had not had a westerner there before and they were arguing that my member would "ruin" the girl. I guess she cooled out when she saw that my average sized unit was not THAT much bigger than her usual customers and enjoyed the ride. All in all, one of the strangest adventures I've had.

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