Prostitution Report
from California

Cruised last Saturday night around midnight. Saw only 2 girls working. There was this fat blonde orking near the Union 76 near 50th. Saw another brunette working near 70th by the BofA. I did not get a good look at her.

There was also a report in in this last Sunday's UT about prostitution. I saw the same fat blonde in the UT article. Personally I think the stings are a waste of time since the # of girls working has remained about the same over the past 2 yrs. According to the article many of the residents have been complaining about being solicited. While I think it happens occasinally I thin it happens rarely since most of the cruisers are afraid of getting busted. I always wait for the girl to walk up to the vehicle. They made it sound like guys were driving by the girls and offering them money for sex. There was also the usual complaints thay neighbors were finding used condoms lying around. This is a legitemate complaintand I think we should all do the right thing..

EXPENSIVE OUT OF TOWN GIRLS........Cruised ECB around 6 pm saw about 4 girls working. I have not seen any of these girls before so I think they are from out of town. All of the girls that I talked to wanted 40$ for a BJ. I STRONGLY URGE all you to boycott these girls. None of the girls were good looking they were all about 4 or 5's at best..

Talked to this one tall redhead medium build I ffered her 20$ and then she walked away. For some
reason she did not want to negotiate a higher price. Talked to this pudgey blonde named Joy she wanted 40$ for a bj. I have not seen these girls working ECB before. Personally I think 40$ is high for bj especially when the girl is not that good looking.....

Does anyone know is 6pm is a busy time for ECB?? In my experience this is the first time that I have seen a lot of girls working at 6 pm..Cruised ECB last evening around 6pm, I basically saw the same girls working. I offered this short brunette 30$, but she said she wanted 40$ so I decided to pass.Also saw 2 girls working near 70th near the BofA saw this older ugly skank.

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