Prostitution Report
from Cambodia

Okay, here's my take on the current situation in Phnom Penh.

My buddy and I left for Don Muang airport about an hour and a half before my flight left. Under normal circumstances I would have been to the airport in 30-45 minutes however traffic was a mother fucker and my buddy and I arrived right at 6:00 PM, 30 mintes before departure. For a flight to Cambodia the airlines want you there 40 minutes before departure but as Buddha was smiling down on us, the flight was delayed so we checked in and headed for our gate.

Arrived about 8 PM at the newly revamped PP airport. It's looking very good and a hell of alot better than a few years ago when there was only a few rooms in the whole airport.

We stopped off at the pharmacy as I wanted to indulge in some medication. Along with a few other things, I got some Kamagra, a generic version of Viagra. Stuff works just as good and is $10 for 4, 100MG tablets. Very economical considering that a 100MG tablet in Thailand is B500 or about $12.

Made our way to the Paris Hotel using the driver from that hotel that was waiting at the airport for us. Been staying at the Paris for quite some time and for $15 you can't go wrong.

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After a bit of freshening up, we headed out to Sharky's. One thing I noticed was that alot had been done to the city in the past 8 months. The city was more clean and alot of the streets were now paved. Maybe it's for the APEC Summit but for the most part the place is a hell of alot cleaner.

Dave, the owner of Sharkys was in the US so we just took a seat at the bar and scoped out the place. Many of the long timers working for the bar were no longer there. Most of the whores were new as well but I must say, at 10PM there was a shitload of them. Plenty to choose from although every so often I had to brush off the old whore who thought she could make a dollar off me by giving me a massage. After a few shots of tequila we started loosening up and both myself and my buddy found our girls for the night. My girl, Lay-Lay (that's what she said) was a fairly Viet chick, cute, nice firm breasts and a pretty good bod. My buddies was a little older, maybe 22(looked like she had some mileage) but both had long hair to their waste and were pleasant enough.

Back to the room where we promptly showered and got naked. Got a great Viet BJ for about 30 minutes but when I tried to take photo's I was met firmly with a "NO PHOTO'S"!. Fuck that. I fucked her for a little while (with condom) and when I felt like I was gonna blow my load I pulled out and kneeled over her face. She sucked my cock until I blew the load and while I wanted to spray it all over her face, she had other ideas. She gobbled every last drop of the goo which was fine by me.

Once I cracked my nut I thought about kicking her out and going to Martini's but it was pretty late I and I didn't want to make the trip over there. So, took a few photo's as bitched and moaned and then told her it was time to go. I was satisfied and although my cock was still semi-hard, I figured I might just make the trip to Martini's afterall.

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I called over to my buddies and he wasn't game to go to Martini's so I said fuck it, turned on a flick and crashed out. It had been a long day.So the overall specifics of girl #1 on a scale of 1-10:

Amount Paid - $11 for about 2 hours

Looks - 7 Body - 8.5 Fuck - 7 Suck Job - 8.5 Anal - Didn't try Attitude - 6.5 Value - 7.5

Overall rating 7.5

Next morning had breakfast at the restaurant next to the Rendezvous. Pretty good food but don't think that a meal in Cambodia is going to be cheap unless you are eating Cambodian food or French bread. Hit Martini's tonight and then tomorrow will be going to a Muay Boran fight. Muay Boran is a little more free-swinging that it's Muay Thai counterpart and imagine being in an old airplane hanger with a few thousand drunken Khmers. The last time I went to one of these it was wild so I'm looking forward to it. So far having a good time and it's awesome to be out of Thailand for a spell! It's good and bad but Phnom Penh is not the shithole it was a few years ago but there is still plenty of pussy available! We just got back from the Muay Boran and it was a pretty good card. I will post some photo's of the fight later. Ringside seats are a dollar and we bought our drivers a seat too. All the Khmers know where it is staged if you want to go. The fights are always held in an old airplane hanger about 5-10 minutes from the hotel.

Last night we hit Martini's and ended up getting trashed and going home alone. At about 1:00 PM when the porno's came on in the hotel I thought about calling downstairs for a massage parlor girl but said fuck it because I'm too lazy.Tonight we are probably going to get a short time at Le Cyrcee and then hit Sharkys and or Martini's, possibly wander on over to 51st St.All in all I've had a good time so far but have drank a bit more tequila than usual and filled my prescription for Morphine and Dicodeine (like Vicodin) as they are no longer readily available in Thailand. As I said earlier, Kamagra is also readily available here for dirt cheap.

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Gonna go shower and then get some snatch. Hopefully I can get some farm girl pussy who won't bitch about having her photo taken as I want some starfish shots. Apparently my girl last night called over to my buddies girl and groaned about how bad I was because I took photo's of her. Oh well honey, learn to live with it!


After the fights we chilled out for a while, checked email and then my friend and I met up with another mongerer, Don. We hit the pharmacy again as one of my buddies had to get a few things. From there we made our way back to Sharkys. We were going to go to Le Cyrcee but as we hadn't eaten in quite some time we gave it a pass.

Had a decent meal at Sharkys'. We had to fight them off but as Rockhard is not so polite at times, I just told them to scram. The girl my buddy took from the other night wouldn't leave him alone and as he didn't want to take her again I suggested he give her the boot. She didn't like that too much and still hung around but my buddy being the softy that he was, let her stay. Big mistake.

I eventually got a pretty hot Viet chick hanging on me and was going to take her when my buddies chick started yammering in Vietnamese to he. My girl then asked me how much I had gave to the girl I took the other day and I told her $10 + tip for a short time. Apparently the little group of girls was still irritiated that I ''only'' gave $10 for a short time. Oh well, fuck em. My girl was still very pleasant but her friend, sort of like the mamasan of the group kept mouthing off. So, Rockhard doesn't want to listen to some Vietnamese whore yapping at him when it's not at all necessary so I excused myself and went over to a couple of whores I had taken a while ago. They were Viets but told me that some of the Viet girls were constantly pressuring guys to pay them more than the going rate. Like I said, fuck em.

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My buddies went back to the hotel and I was womanless. I didn't like that much so I headed over to Martini's. After a bit of walking around, hanging around and scoping the place out I found a cute little Khmer girl (Girl#2) and took her back to the hotel.

We did the customary shower routine and she had a nice little body, great tits and a hairy little bush. She was cute but had too much make-up on. After showering I thought I smelled B.O. and sure enough the chick had some gnarly B.O. I figured and just ppound her and boot her and that's exactly what I did.

She gave me a worthless BBBJ and I watched TV as I tried to jam my cock farther down her throat but to no avail. I flipped her over and power banged her ( with condom) from behind. I did pick up the camera and take a few shots however they were blurry. I couldn't cum so I whipped off the condom and tried to jam my cock back in her throat. She wanted me to take a shower no doubt as she didn't want to taste her smelly gash. So again she feebly tries to suck my cock and again I flip her over and pound her from behind. I stopped to see if she was contributing but alas, she was stationary.

Finally after two hours of this I pulled my cock out and had her lick my balls and ass as I kneeled over her and shot a big load on her face. She then ran into the shower, cleaned up and came out dressed. I said, bye-bye and told her the money was on the counter. I gave her the standard $10 and when she saw it she started to bitch. What's with these chicks? I told her she had been with me for 2 hours and a ST was two hours and that was all she was getting. After a very curt goodbye from her, out the door she went. One of the worst lays I've had in many years.

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Amount Paid - $11 for about 2 hours

Looks - 6.5 Body - 7.5 down to a 3 because of the B.O. Fuck - 2 Suck Job - 3 Anal - Didn't try Attitude - 5 Value - 3

Overall rating 2.5


Ok.....I must say that I was disappointed with the quality and attitudes of the women I took this go-round in Cambodia.

Phnom Penh is now relatively tame compared how it once was and it's actually looking pretty good. All the pussies who thought Cambodia was too rough for them need to go now as it's fucking Disney Land compared to how it was in the past. The streets are clean, it's fairly safe and it's progressing nicely.

I took 3 women this time in 4 days and it seemed that these particular women were a little more money hungry than in the past. Everyone knows, including the girls, that the ST rate is $10, LT is $20. PLEASE do not fuck these girls up and pay them more because it seems like some guys have been doing this already. When I gave the chick pictured $11 she actually bitched and moaned about wanting more and as I said earlier, her friend had the balls to bitch at me later about it. Tough shit, Rockhards not a softy and doesn't give a shit if she thinks I'm an asshole because I already came and with her attitude wouldn't recommend her. Her cock sucking skills were admirable though.

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One other thing is that most of the girls are onto the fact that if you take their picture, more than likely their picture is going to be shown on the internet. Tough to dispute this and although I got pics of two girls, all of them were vehement about not having their photo's taken and only with a bit of cunning and joking I managed to get these relatively tame photo's. The last girl (MP girl) actually motioned for me to put the camera away or she was leaving.

MP girl today from the Paris was decent enough for a nut. Cute little Viet. Had to negotiate hard and was ready to boot her but I wanted to crack a nut so I paid her the asking price of $20 ST which is alot for PP but reasonable for the Paris MP.

Amount Paid - $20 for about 2 hours

Looks - 7.5 Body - 7.5 Fuck - 7 Suck Job - 7 Anal - Didn't try Attitude - 7 Value - 7

Overall rating 7

Hopefully I will be back in PP at the end of the month because there are still a few girls there I saw that I want to try out.

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