Prostitution Report
from Canada

i never knew montreal had such a good nightlife.theres a lot of strip clubs in sainte catherine. you pay $3cdn to get in.girls do lap dancing for $10 cdn per song. you can feel the breasts and they knee you in your chubby. on sainte catherine and sainte lawrence there is a peep show.i went up to check it pay $40 cdn to go in a room with a bed.5 girls came in and introduce themselves.these girls were between 18-22.they were sweet looking.for $20 cdn more you can lay on the bed with the girl and masterbate yourself, but you can only touch the breasts.i did'nt feel like giving the 20 so i sat there while she laid on the bed with her legs spread.she was a 18 y/o brunette french canadian.with a very tight body and gorgous face.too bad there was'nt full service.i tried to get her to do it, but she could not.she was fingering herself on the bed while i was trying to crank one out. it was a nice site to see.finally, i cranked one out and left.

later on i headed over to the grand prix strip club with my 2 take 10 west out of the city to exit 29.its about 35min drive.this place is basically a whorehouse/strip club.they have a bunch of booths where you take the girl.these girls are stunning.some look like they can easily pose for playboy.lap dancing is $20cdn.blowjob or handjob is $80 cdn.full service is $120 cdn($80US).if you are tight with the buck i suggest you skip the lap dance and get right to it.i had a 20y/o brunette.she blew me with a condom to get me hard and then i stuck it in her.they say you got 2 songs to cum. i came after 1 1/2 songs and got out.good place if you want to get drunk and look at hot chicks all night.not the best sex though.for the money you can do better with an escort service.

this chica was fresh off the bus from toronto trying to raise some cash.i met her on sainte catherine and rue berri.she was walking with her friend.i was'nt sure she was with the program until i noticed her trying to cover up her body with the coat.normally when you see a street whore they stop to negotiate with you.these girls did'nt know what they were doing.they kept walking and i followed them for 2 blocks.they told me some story about some guy that brang them to montreal 2 nights earlier to work the streets.they said they changed their mind and wanted to go home, but the guy was holding their clothes.her friend was weird.she did'nt want her to go with me to my hotel.she told her friend "but we need the money to get back home".finally i convinced her to go back to my was a strange session.she had sex with me as if she was my girlfriend.we kissed a lot.she was fingering herself.she had nice firm D-cups.i had those in my mouth a lot.i went down to play with her was nice and clean.

i licked the clit and fingered her at the same time.she had a very tight pussy.then i flipped her over to check out the anal was nice and clean.i licked around a little then put my finger half way up her ass.she loved it and was moaning "yes yes".i put on a condom and fucked her.she loved it.she was'nt acting either.her pussy was wet.finally, i closed the deal and came.she gave me a hug goodbye.she wanted my phone number so she could come visit me in nyc.i did'nt have a pen and plus i already had her good.why make things more complicated?

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