Prostitution Report
from Chile

I think the upscale clubs have been pretty well described here as far as prices and quality. But I haven't seen any mention of the "privados" which are small (usally just a couch) private rooms in the club for short time use. At all of the clubs, buying the girl a drink entitles you to fondle, kiss, and caress. Anything more than that, and you'll have to negotiate it separately. You don't really need the addresses, every taxi driver is familiar with Lucas, Emanuel, and Champagne.

There is also some great talent at the mid-low end. It's really the same system as in the big clubs, but the going rate for a short time in a "privado" is usually more in the $20 range. Some of these places also have a lot of public sex. These are the little clubs around downtown or the central market that look like strip joints. In Chile, all strip clubs are brothels. The problem is that they are really hit and miss. I've walked into some and found that they were full of fortyish fat ladies, and others in the same price range are nothing but sexy twenty year olds. The main difference between these places and the upscale clubs is the guy/girl ratio. A lot of times, the girls stay really busy in these places all day long. The real barrier here is that you *must* speak Spanish.

If you do get a girl for outcall, I must reccommend the sex motels. Just tell a cabbie to take you to a "motel" (vastly different from a hotel). These are places that rent rooms overnight or in 2-3 hour increments (around $40 and $20, respectively). They usually have closed circuit porn, mirrors on the cielings, and jacuzzis in the room. Generally, the price includes one cocktail each, served upon check in.

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If you're limited to English speaking service, there are still some other options. The classifieds in "La Tercera" (a mainstream newspaper) contain occaisional ads in English. Of course you'll have a lot more selection if you can read the ones in Spanish, too. Since prostitution is legal in Chile, you could also always ask a concierge to find you an English speaking escort from the ads. In fact, though they don't advertise much, many of the better hotels have their own services. I think the advantage over the upper end clubs would be price (though the hotel's own service probably wouldn't save you much.)

To me, the Saunas really are the best buy. There's a whole apartment building dedicated to this type of service. It's on MacIver, right behind Cerro Santa Lucia. The building is completely unmarked, but if you walk in the front door, you will run into one or two madams who will escort you to an apartment. They generally charge about $15-$20 for one hour in a small room. The girl is included, but that's just for standard service, like half and half with a rubber. For a little extra, you can negotiate whatever you want. On my last trip, I had my choice of four women, mostly 7's and 8's. For an extra $10, I got bbbj and sucked her tits and french kissed her. Then she turned around and I got her doggie style with a condom. She was unbeleivably tight, and I came almost right away. She was really a sweet girl. In the saunas, the girls really do treat you like their boyfriend.

I'd say stay away from streetwalkers. Almost all of them are men. The ones that aren't are probably either old hags, or are planning to mug you. I've heard a lot about the action in Suecia (the bar district in Providencia) but I wouldn't go looking there. Most of those girls are amateurs, and your success isn't guaranteed. The pro's and semi-pro's working there are overpriced.

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