Prostitution Report
from China

Fellas, Am back in Beijing now. Went to Henry L Beans the other night at about 7pm. The girls started coming in at about 730. BTW, this is the best place to go if you want a girl early. Other places like Hard Rock (starts about 10pm for girls) or Maggies I and II (starts about midnight) are not easy to practice the hobby when you've got meetings the next day. By about 10 pm, there were about 20 girls of all types. Had a drink with a girl that was real cute but had a hidden body behind jeans and baggy jean jacket. Her asking was 1,000 rmb (about 120) told her too much and I'd give her 600 rmb (about 75 usd). She said sure and off we went.

When she undressed, she had a body to die for and a real cute face. She's from Shanghai, previously married, no kids. Not much of a kisser, OK BBBJ, OK lay. Overall, I was a little disappointed in the performance after watching her take her clothes off and seeing the most perfect Chinese tits I've ever seen.

The next morning, she was off with 600rmb and 10 rmb taxi money.

Couple of days later, went to Sanlitun (it's a street with about 20 bars on it)for drinks. It used to be a real expat hangout, maybe up til about 4-5 months ago, but now its more of a locals place. And, when the expats leave, the working girls go with them. There are some girly touts walking up and down the street asking if you want a massage or girly bar. These girls are cute, but they're not the ones you'll be with, they'll walk you to another place and drop you off. I've never done this but I've heard.

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After Sanlitun, went to Maggies I (it's just south-about 200 meters- of the East Gate to Workers Stadium). The place was closed for about a month for renovation and it's open again. It was packed at about 1 pm. Tons of girls, lots of guys, good music. fairly priced drinks. Warning, there are many many girls at this place, you need to be careful when buying the girl a drink. Some of the girls actually work for Maggies and if you buy them a drink it will be about 10-12 usd. If you buy a drink for any of the others that don't work there, it's the same as yours. Met a few that I would take but finally decided one. She had a little baby fat on her, maybe 10-15 lbs more than she should, but her attitude and smile more than made up for it. Very large tits. She's Mongolian, as most of the girls at Maggies are.

Back to the apt, she's into sex. loved being fingered, loved sucking (although the technique had a little too much teeth for my tastes) and we went at it starting at about 2 and ended at about 5:30. went to sleep. up at about 10 and she was at it again. lots of moaning, screaming, playing with herself while I fingered and licked her.

She stayed until about 1 pm and then left. She started the negotiations asking for 100 usd and ended up at 600 rmb, about 75 usd.

Both of these places used to demand 800 rmb (100 usd)and girls really wouldn't go lower. Maybe supply and demand is catching up to them.

Next night. Went to a disco called Success (near Franks Restraunt and Workers Stadium) as I was told it had "plenty to look at". No the place for expats. Only 2 other non Chinese people in there and it was strictly a locals place with no working girls. They had a band, some Chinese girls modeling clothes and dancing on stage, nothing great, and thats about it. Won't go back.

Thats it for now.

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