Prostitution Report
from Connecticut

It has been two years since I lived in CT, but a great spot used to be American Spa in Bridgeport. Following is a review I wrote from '99, so take it with a grain of salt:

American Spa in Bridgeport, CT. I visited perhaps 10 times over 6 months. Always 4-5 girls available to choose from. Bouncer will let you in. There is a madam who is business-like and skeptical, but friendly on second date. Price is $125 for 45 minutes, $175 for hour (pay madam with cash or cc) and I always got full service.. As you enter, the girls are watching TV. Each introduces herself and you can pick the one you want. I would rate the girls 5 to 8, and then there is Kyle. After you pick the girl you want, she takes you back to a small room where you shower and await her return. My experiences always started out with back rub, not really as massage (there is a sign as you enter which says "no massages given") followed by oral and then full service (both always with a condom). I never asked about full service, it just always seemed to happen. I had 3 different women: Regina, early 30's German with long black hair, very friendly, nice looking, but not a very enthusiastic lay.

Then there was a red head (I don't remember her name) who was a little chunky, but with HUGE tits. Very enthusiastic, very loud(kept saying things like "yea, fuck me with that big wide cock, etc), and she let me tity fuck her and give her a pearl necklace (no facial though). Then there was Kyle. Oh Kyle. Truly one of the most beautiful I have ever seen: 5'8", 120lbs, real blonde, nice tits (fake), great tan, nicely trimmed bush. She is smart, interesting, from LA and is a model when not taking a stiff pounding by the hour. She was a great conversationalist and made me feel quite at ease. Gave great head, loved to 69 (and was very appreciative of the reciprocation), and was very enthusiastic, horny, and really aimed to please as she fucked. Any position, but no anal. She would then shower with me afterwards and talk and laugh as I dressed. I would suggest calling ahead as the girls have many regulars and can be quite busy. I would still be seeing Kyle had I not met my fiancée and thus sworn off such luxuries. Oh, but the memory of Kyle.

As I said, I moved from there in Dec. '99, but in the past it was always a safe bet. Happy mongering.

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