Prostitution Report
from Costa Rica

My trip to Costa Rica it was both good and bad. The trip was from which is G & G escorts ran by Johana. She is easy to get a hold of she always answers the phone and answers email at least 1 time a day. The whole country of Costa Rica is beautiful. The place is all green mountings and valleys.I went with the G & G escorts 3 day package to the beach. I did this because I did not want to be bothered setting up places to stay and transportation in a county I knew nothing about. I also wanted someone to be there to solve any problems. I went with a escort agency for much of the same reason. What I was looking for was the whole GFE thing and I assumed their girls would be used to long time appointments.

The resort they put me in is very nice. The problem and the reason I would never do this for a 3 day weekend again is I was NOT informed until after I had payed and the tickets where bought that it is 5 hours away from the air port. This includes a 2 hour ferry ride. (it was late so it took 7 1/2 hours to get there for me. Plane landed at 12:30 check in at 8:00) This would not be much of a problem on a longer trip but on a short trip it sucks!!! To make my return flight at 12:45 we had to leave at 5:30 am to catch the 6:00am ferry as you can see my 3 days became less then 2 days because of this long commute.

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I would still recommend the place just not for a short trip. If you are only going to be there for a 3 day weekend but still want to do something like this find a good hotel with a pool in S an Jose and have the girl sent there.I get off my plane. Customs and immigration where a snap! I walk out of the terminal and there is a man with a sign with my name standing there. So I am picked up at the air port. The girl I had selected from the website is waiting there at the airport.It is the same girl no switch and she is even better looking in real life then in her pics. She also has a sweet smile. At this time I am happy.Now for the start of the BAD. We where introduced and hugged but I noticed she turned her head when I tried to kiss her. I figured OK we DID just meet and she was so pretty. Well we had a long trip ahead of us plenty of time to get to know her. We held hands in the van but she was not very affectionate. I figured it was because the van driver had his wife and kid with him in the front seat and she was self conscious about acting like a prostitute in front of this mans family. (not very bright am I?)

She was even less interested in me on the ferry. From the ferry there is about a 1/2 drive to the resort. It is now 8:00. (ferry was 2 hours late leaving) To shorten this next part shortly after we are in the room she is telling me it was necessary to call Johana for an other chica. She did not want sex!!! She called Johana and then Johana called me and it was agreed that I would be sent 2 replacements. By this time I was pissed off. Not by the girl not wanting sex with me that I can understand. I do own a mirror. I am aware that I am fat and ugly. What I was mad about is that I was just as fat in San Jose why the hell did she not say it there???? She waited until we where to far away to get a replacement that night (we where on the last ferry) Oh yes Johana told me she was going to fire the girl for the trouble she caused. (She is no longer on the website)

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The GOOD: The 2 new girls came (more ferry delay involved) . They are not as pretty as the 1st but both are attractive and very nice. Also both are very skilled too. ;-) Good slow sex after we got to the room and then just cuddling after went out to eat latter. These 2 girls where great. The never left my side except to go to the bathroom 2-5 min. Also they each 1 time called and checked up on their kids. (this is fine I would have thought less of them if they had not) he whole time together 1 or both of them where always touching me somewhere. Like holding my hand or stoking my arm or something 1 of them kept playing with my pony tail. :-)The girls also went out of there way to make sure every man saw I was there with 2 pretty girls and they where not. lol I got dirty looks from American wifes and some time jealous looks from the husbands. It was fun. We went to the casino (not a good one) then watched the floor show. then went to the disco. Got back to the room at 12:30am had sex 1 more time then sleep had to get up at 4:00 to make it to the 1st ferry.

Q:Would I do this again? A:No the all of the travel it is not worth the for 3 days. Q:Was it worth what I paid? A:No because of the 1st girl and the time lost do to travel. If I had picked one of the 2 girls I ended up with I probably would say yes. Q:Would I use the escort agency again? A:Yes It was not her fault that there was a problem with the girl and Johana did work to solve the problem.

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