Prostitution Report
from Cuba

Well, I did it. I’ve wanted to go to Cuba for such a long time. A lot of my friends have been there in the late nineties and some discouraged me from going. Even though I didn’t find a veteran companion to come with me, I went alone.
Note that I’ve never done this before, not even in easy Rio. I don’t speak Spanish and I was going in hot August. Great thanks goes out to a lot of people on this forum, especially Claudius, DonGringo, Sman, CubaTourist and Peleon (of which I met in Havana except for Claudius).
So, here’s my report. I will be signing off in a week from this report but you can find my email lying around somewhere on this forum if you have any questions.

I arrived on the weekend late at night. Jumped on a taxi and gave him the address of the casa I reserved through (great people, they even called me in Havana to check on me). The driver wanted to take me to another casa, I said. He tried to give me a tour of the city, sell me cigars, find me a chica, you name it. I kept saying no kiero. When I got to the casa, he jumped off the car and began talking to the doorman of the building. They looked like friends so I thought I was scammed into another casa. Bare in mind that I’ve been warned to death by Ozz not to trust anyone, so I was a bit paranoid. A few minutes of discussion back and forth and I started to notice girls and guys approaching us probably curious of what was going on.So it turned out to be the right casa, I check in, get warned about a few things by the landlady. I jump on the shower and hung around the balcony that over looked El Malecon. Lot of people hanging around, I became anxious not knowing what to do. I finally went to La Rampa, sat down on Café Sofia (Esquina Calle 23 y O). Drank a beer and let everything sink in. I was shocked at the number of police at every corner; it didn’t scare me a bit. On the contrary, I felt very safe and knew what to do anyways.

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I jumped on a coco taxi that was parked in front; he spoke a bit of English, asked him to give me a tour. We went along El Malecon and that’s when I told him I was looking for a chica. He shook his head as if he knew what the fuck I was up to. We couldn’t find anyone, it was 2 pm so we went back to La Rampa, he parked and immediately I saw a cute blond. I pointed at her and she came. She spoke English and without saying a word, she sat next to me. We went to the casa, talked for a bit, listened to some Craig Davis (she picked it). I later figured that she’s a semi-pro. She asked for $100, I flipped and countered with a twenty. She came down to $50 and settled on $35. She right away jumped on the shower and joined me in bed. The experience was a 7 after I knew what really existed in Cuba, but that night it felt like a 10 because I’ve never experience anything like this.For the remaining 2 weeks, it was all easy. It just took time to find the non semi-pro. I learned enough Spanish to get me by. I know I got scammed, but I had to learn somehow. Never went with a pro, I didn’t even go out at night. Always on the afternoon shows where the Cubans went because it’s cheaper for them.I’ve never been to Cuba in the late nineties but I can imagine how it must have been. But as far as I am concerned, this was the best vacation I’ve had. I’m definitely going back. I suggest to first timers to just go, you’ll be fine. Just read everything on this site. Also, try to enjoy the freaking culture a bit, go to Havana Viejas, Museums and plazas. Not only will you get to know more about this great and unique country, but you will also find girls there.

The bottom line is that I believe you can find girls pretty much everywhere. You definitely need to speak conversational Spanish if you don’t want to pay too much. Next time I go, if a girl negotiates on price first and won’t spend the night with me, she out the door. You will always find another one, it might be time consuming but the reward is well worth it.

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