Prostitution Report
from Curacao

First of all, have any of you stopped for a moment and thought about how good-natured the chicas are considering what they have to do and the general quality of the clientele? I am really amazed that they are still willing to talk to you and not try to get you out. Not that it never happens, but it has not yet happened to me.I have found that a little ice breaker works wonders. This time I brought a selection of flavored condoms with me. Upon entering a chica's room after some small talk I would pull out a few of those and say "Today on the menu we have banana, chocolate, mint and cola!". They would chuckle and pick one out. All chicas I was with warmed up even more after something like this. A tip works wonders too.Yes, you can budget for strictly 50 NAF encounters. However, local people are generally NOT in the habit of tipping. News travels fast in the compound. I guarantee you that within a couple of hours all of them will know who to avoid and who is really nice.

Another item to consider is why the chicas are there in the first place. They are there because for many there is really no other work whatsoever. Many of them are students, or secretaries, or nurses in Colombia. Those who are lucky to have jobs are not paid anywhere near a living wage. It is literally spread your legs or starve.Ok, back to chicas. Management at Campo seems to be catering more to local tastes. The last time I was there there were maybe a few chicas that were pleasantly round but no fat ones. That is changing, there were a few that were really heavy for their height. But there are still so many others to choose from!

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I may have mentioned this before, but the chicas really do not make that much money. They have to pay 70 NAF daily rent. There was (I was told) a period in October when business was really down, and a bunch of them were sent home to Colombia. Then there is laundry. And food. And clothes. Also, they are forced to purchase their first bunch of condoms from the office at inflated prices.So, generally they start actually making some $$ with the third client of the day.If you are on the island not only for Campo-related activities, it is great to hook up with a chica and take her out for the day. Many of them have no way of getting out of the compound. Yes, this means an additional expense of meals, etc. but it pays off big time! I hooked up with a girl a friend of mine had recommended, and took her out to the beach and dinner three days in a row. These investments paid very rich dividends indeed. Our last session went on for almost an hour and a half and she was a real sex panther. Absolutely wore me out.In conclusion I would like to state that Campo remains a gem. You only fully understand its possibilities to the full on your second trip or even later. It needs to be cherished.

Spanish is a must. The first time I went I had essentially no Spanish whatsoever. This tiem I brought a pocket translator and it was a lifesaver. Just from practice I picked up quite a few words and, even though I butchered all grammar and syntax mercilessly I was able to carry on conversations on a caveman level. What a way to learn a language!

The entry fee is changing, it is going to be NAF20 starting 1/1/04. This will include some casino chips and some "Campo dollars" - you can use them to tip the ladies or simply pay them. I wish they would take plastic there....

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