Prostitution Report
from Czech Republic

As everyone, before taking my trip to Prague I have extensively used as suggested by other experienced Prague visitors.

As far as my expectations are concerned, I was looking for high level girls to spend a few hours with, chatting and having sex. But I was not looking for the absolute model to spend 3 days with because I find this too expensive and then I don't see why I should pay a girl who sleeps and snore next to me.Following are some web site that can be scanned and where you may find what you are looking for : : reliable contact Marek although this guy could be more friendly and courteous. For my first night in Prague, I had Elza for 3 hours for the cost of € 390. She looked like the pictures on the web site. Elza is a kind and friendly girl, nice looking but not model type. Her English is average. She was pretty passive in sex. We did regular sex, blow job without condom, 69. She stayed the 3 hours agreed upon and I had only one cum. But she was OK for more, it was my side who was tired as I has slept only 2 hours the night before. I may have asked for more but I didn't. I believe she is not worth that amount of money. Marek follows up on customer for comments and appreciations on the girls which trends to show some concern about keeping up a good level of service. : reliable contact also, kind and friendly. I had Andy (who you can also find on This was the second night I was in Prague. The cost for 3 hours this time was € 300. The girl is ewactly as her pictures but what you can't evaluate on the net is her personality. She was very talkative, her English was pretty ok, she has a high opinion of herself which seems a bit childish. As far as sex is concerned, she did not lead, she raped me. Some of you may like this ; I didn't as I like things to go smoothly and long foreplays. She stayed the 3 hours agreed upon and although I only had one cum, I believe she was ready for (you should not expect quick responses from them. I have even been obliged to cancel a meeting with a girl for having not received a prompt response enough)I have eliminated all sites where you can't see the girl's face for obvious reasons.

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The third night I went to K5. There has been many comments about this club that you can find on this site. It's true that it's weird to be metal searched on the street level when you enter the building. You then get into an elevator that takes you 5 floors higher. Then a lady shows you around and you are offered the following choices : Either you look at the girls immediately (there was about 20 of them, all types, blonds, brunets, big or small boobs, tall or short girls), make your choice and take her to a room : ½ hour Kr 2400 or 1 hours Kr 3900 (€ 80 and €128) or you take your time, pay an entrance fee of Kr 500 (€16), have a seat, watch the girls dancing, have a drink Kr 75 and then make your selection and take the girl to a room. I was expecting to make my choice quietly but then I saw a "manager" coming to seat next to me and indicate the girl I should go with. I said that the girl he was recommending was not matching my requirements and he said that I was wrong. I replied that I would like to have a good look at the girls and take my time. He then replied that he would be out of business if all customers were like me. I really didn't like that sort of pressure and insistence. Finally, after two soft drinks, I made my choice for a 30 minutes session with a not very tall blond girl with big boobs. She was not only very nice looking and kind but also a real great sucker and fucker. From the time we entered the room until we left the room 23 minutes were expired. I suspect that if the total service had lasted 31 minutes, then I would have been charged for one hour.

I didn't like at all the atmosphere in the K5, the show is real bull shit, the staff is pressing you and the gun search at entrance is most unpleasant particularly when the guard at entrance has in hand a 12 inches blade commando-like knife.The fourth night I decided to have one more fuck with the girl I had met the previous night at K5 and I then called them to inquire whether they would send the girl to my hotel. The answer was positive provided I pay and extra KR 600 (€ 20) for the taxi for the girl and I stay one hours with the lady for the price of KR 3900 ; same price as at the K5.

Since I didn't remember the girl's name of the night before, I tried to give a fair description of her. They said they were searching and would call me back. They did so and said that the girl was Eva. I asked for her at 9 PM. At 9 PM sharp she knocked at my door. It was not the same girl but this one was pretty enough and I said OK. After shower, she offered a quick massage and while rubbing my back she started simulating orgasm which seemed to me a bit too much of a show. Great blow job with condom, nice fuck, but she was simulating so much that it turned me down. I finally cum when watching her masturbating which turned me on. I didn't know that it was either one hour or cum the first being the limit of her services. When considering that she took 12 minutes for the first shower and another 15 minutes for the second shower, it leaves little time for ecstasy. I would not recommend that girl.

So it is guys, I have tried to give you a fair idea of what I have experienced in Prague.As a conclusion, I believe that I have spent too much money for the first two fucks, the third one was great and well priced and the last one was not worth.I believe that if I had had in mind to pick up a girl in clubs or cafés, this would have been possible and have led to potential fucking ; but of course, it takes little more time which I didn't have.

Enjoy your stay, Prague is a great city.

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