Prostitution Report
from Dominican Republic

Wednesday October 16, 2003: Well I arrived on time via Santiago and its a packed house in Sosua. checked into The Palace, which is very good shape after a major earthquake 2 weeks ago, and Breastman and his 2 buddies were there. Pesos at Judy's were 34.60 to the Dollar today. There were chicas in and out all day and some new ones as well. I will get pictures tomorrow. Seems like the day place to hang will be the Palace. Soronji, Yenni, and Mercedes were a few on hand. Later on Bronco checked in. SantiagoJeff arrived later in the day as usual. I got my first massage today for the usual 300 pesos.

Went over to The Blue Dolphin Bar and hung with Mav. Bbuyer is staying there. Later on BPL and his 2 buddies were there. The Playoffs are on every TV in this town. I walked around town and there are chicas everywhere to be had. Over at the 4 Roses I saw EMRcools gang and Raider who are staying at The Europa. Mav and I hit The Villa Chessa Bar and Grill and had a few drinks. They have a restaurant that closes at 10PM. I passed Ant and his buddy roaming the streets of Sosua. Mongers everywhere!!! went to Leo and got my $1.80 haircut as usual. I hit High Caribe and there were lots of chicas there as well but not that many pretty ones at 12PM. There was a steady flow of motor conches bringing in chicas to The Caribe. I saw a very hot chica by Residential that wanted 2,000 pesos for a short stay. I believe she needed spending money on top ofher Western Union payments. Friday October 17, 2003: Started the day with Mav drinking coffee.

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Expecting about adozen new mongers today in Sosua. They are staying at The Palace and The Europa. Its World Series week and all TVs in town on the Games. If you wantto hang with other mongers, we will be at Villa Chessa Bar or Blue Dolphin Bar. A few nights we will head into Puerto Plata after the game. It was another good day here. I went swimming, got another massage. Tampabukke arrived and we hung at Sexy Lady then Mav, him and I hit VillaChessa Bar we we played with their hot waitresses for an hour. They are major teases and we made dates for later on and they never showed.

Wow who would have thought that! Big D is back in town again. I hot Sosua beach which was slow and cruised the town. A few chicas stopped and caught my eye but I kept on moving. I saw that chica from Club Residential and bought her back to my room for a shortie stay for 750 pesos. I shot it in her mouth, she was a real trooper. Kwiz arrived and Mav, him and our chicas hit the casino. Very interesting day. Saturday October 18, 2003: Started the day with Mav drinking coffee. Breakfast at Villa Chessa, price fix 80 pesos, French Toast, coffee and Juice. Got to play with Silvia the waitress again. More mongers coming in today again, three from NY. Got my favorite motoconch, drove to Sosua, along the way saw a hot 19 year old Haitian,back to my room, a photo shoot and BJ 200 pesos. NICE!!!! Hung around the pool with Kwiz, Ant and his buddy. On hand were Blausi, Mercedes, Soronji, Ana, and 2 other chicas. Very pleasant afternoon here. Later on the 2 Canadians that were staying at Casa Marina came by and did Soronji and Ana. Went with Breastman and crew to Rockys for Ribs which were slow, cheap and good. About 10 of us were hanging at Blue Dolphin Bar. Memos hangs there now. Cobra arrived from Santo Domingo and we hit High Caribe,which had very few hotties, and Latina club,with 2 that I wanted, which were both packed with chicas. Prices from Crystals seem to be around $100 per night these days.

Sunday October 19, 2003: Went to Mora Mai for breakfast, Cobra, Emrcool, Russian dude and our chicas. Back to Palace fora swim, which had in attendance, Soronji, Blausi and Yenni. Yesterday was an easy day. Lots of hanging at The Blue Dolphin, many Americans, English and Canadians passing thru there. Hung most of the day at The Palace as well and many coming by there as well. Donnylad arrived, staying at Voramar came by. The MadRussian, staying at Club Residential, where a/c is $5 extra per day came by ase wll as the mongers from Europa. There now is a group of 13 mongers from NY taking up most of the Palace and they are in and out all day with chicas. They are not from the internet but are very friendly. Mr Video arrived from Ohio, and will be living here for 3 months. There are many mongers coming for extended stays. Monday October 20, 2003: Had my breakfast at The Europa with Kwiz. The single traveler arrived as did MH1592. We hung at Blue Dolphin where there were about 4 different chicas hanging out there during the night as well as I got another massage and this time after going there 30 times I looked at the name of the place and its called "M & M" The Palace where there were 10 chicas at a few points in the day.

Carmen and a few chicas from The Flamingo were there for a while. Dinner at The Bolgna with MH and there were a few NY Fireman there as well. Heading home I saw a chica walking and gave her a ride back to her place. She needed some dinero but said she would give the services tomorrow, so I said I would return tomorrow then. Joannie was working at the bar next to Isle de Pizloa, so I stoped and bothered her a bit as well. I saw Marosol around town as well. There are lots of chicas around if you take the time to look for them. The ones I knew that I saw would give 500 peso short time prices to me, which is not really that bad. Tuesday October 21, 2003: Started off with the internet then saw a massage place with 2 18 year olds, but no extras for 350 pesos which was very good. Saw another fine19 year old that spoke English and I hung with her for 2 hours. I will see her Thursday again. Jean from Montreal and Oscar arrived in town. The guys from NY staying at the Palace have a massive flow of chicas coming thru at all times. They are friendly but are not part of the internet monger world so stay to themselves. There are 15 of them at 3 hotels around town. Sawthe chica with the apartment at the Latina club which was slow at 12PM. There were a few others there as well.

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The Merengue club had a few has well, hanging there. Wednesday October 22, 2003: Started the day at the internet then got picked up by friends and headed over to Moca, 20 minutes from Santiago. Met a friend with a disco, and was shown some cabanas nearby where it can happen. Will be introduced to some chicas on Friday and maybe a photo shoot will occur!! If it works out I will land in Santiago for a few days to start all trips then pay a taxi $20 to get me to Sosua. Camp david is $25 in Santiago and Cabanas are $12 for 8 hours as well. Returned to Sosua where there was a chica waiting for a motorconch soI gave her a ride. I wispered in her hear, asking if she needed some money and of course she did. Off to a quickie hotel for an hour. Her name was Ruth and she is 5ft tall and 21 years old. Thursday October 23, 2003: SantaJeff arrived with 7 friends for a bacholor party and took over 8 rooms. 5 of the 7 NY guys wanted to stay a while longer but they had to move to Residential cause Jeff made reservations 3 months ago! Up to the Penthouse they went as I and Big D were invited as well. The stero was moved up there as well. All the Palace chicas followed and into the Jaccuzzi they piled!!!! 5 cases of beer, 5 pizzas, 14 loads lost, we were off to Mora Mai.

What a scene, cause the other group was there as well so Mora Mai was packed with mongers!! There are 12 mongers at The Palace now. I went to the beach again yesterday and its quiet there but there are chicas and people drinking and swimming there. Friday October 24, 2003: Stated the day with a massage again, can't ever get enough of those. Hung on the roof with SantaJeffs crew. Great Bacholar Party! The trip is almost over and did it rain!!! Worst I ever saw but I got out to do my rectangle run and saw Joann and Lori working 1 bar, Ruth working another bar and Marasol still at another bar. Plenty of chicas to go round and I keep bumbing into mongers all over this town. They are eveywhere!!!! Saturday October 25, 2003: Same thing again, coffee and internet then Paco arrived from Moca. we hit Long Beach and it was slow there then Mountainview where I saw Billy. It was packed and cheap. Must have been 50 chicas there. Salida was 300 pesos and asking prices were 1,000 to 1,300. Headed back to High Caribe where Paco got a chica for 800 pesos for 3 hours. Not bad. Beddy by was 3am then a 12PM flight from Santiago. #22 is OVER!!!!!! Special Note #1: My favorite motoconch: Well first he knows where all my chicas live and work and can see if they are there so I don't waste time looking. He can get them and bring them to our special meeting spots. The number 1 thing is when he drives me for 2 hours and I pay him he never says more but appreciates evey time I use him. When I have no small bills I pay him later and if he sees something he will take me there later for her. He knows my route which is a 20 minute route circling Sosua and includes 5 different chicas stops. This is key!!! New Businesses!

Blue Dolphin is opening first Amerivcan Bar on Sosua Beach next week at Stall #10. (Postponed!!) Sosua Palace will open its bar in 2 weeks, managed by Clemenza. Special Event Note: Spoke to Breastman and he will be here with 2 buddies for April 16-26 2004 Fest which begins in Santo Domingo and moves to Sosua. EMrcool is also coming then. 6 months away and already moners are planning to attend! Summary of my chicas!! I meet between 1-2 new ones per day and have seen about 10 from my past trips. There are there to be found, if you look for them. I got massages from 2, banged 1 and got head from another 2. Some of the otheres I just talked with so next time I can take them for test rides. If all you do is go from High Caribe to Latina Club, it may seem the town is dead, but for me, its very much alive!!!

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