Prostitution Report
from Estonia

Just a few notes about my trip to Tallinn last spring. It may be of interest to some. I had a two week business trip to Sweden and I had decided, when booking my tickets, to spend the weekend in Tallinn. I had booked a cheap hotel through the travel agent, to compensate the airfare in case my employer came back with any questions.

The flight from Stockholm was terribly delayed and I didn’t get to this hotel until 1.00am. The place was dismal and well out of the city so I decided not to go out Friday night. I went into town on Saturday lunchtime, armed with a guide of the nightlife, to suss the place out. I had a few beers and at about 3.00 pm I stumbled into a little basement bar which had a striptease sign outside it. I’m sorry I can’t recall the name but it was quite close to the Viru Hotel. I think the street was called Kentmanni.

There was a single sleeping client and one girl working behind the bar. She told me the strip show would be in 40 minutes and so I ordered a beer and she showed me round the place. It had a very nice sauna and billiard room. The other client woke up in time for the rather mediocre strip show. Afterwards he started talking and suggested we share the rental of the sauna and order two girls to share it. The girl behind the bar said that this would cost Kroon 1,500 between us (500 for the sauna and 500 each for the girls). As this works out at about $55 each, I was game for it.

After about 30 minutes the sauna was heated and two young girls arrived. We went in there and all undressed and showered. The other client asked me which I wanted as they were both young (about 18) and very attractive (8 or 9) I chose the one with the best attitude. It was the right choice, she was very compliant. BBBJ in the sauna and great sex outside it in the relaxing room. She told me her name was Ljuba and gave me a ‘phone number. If anyone wants it, post a hotmail address on this site and I’ll send it.

That evening I went to a few places, including the club with a name reminiscent of London. I think it was called the Soho Club. It was not too hot. The barman told me if I wanted action, to go to a place in the suburbs. There was a free car available. It’s obviously owned by the same people. I went out there and there was a suburban house, all done up like a nightclub. They had a catwalk and about 15 girls came out and sat around and walked up and down. I relaxed, had my beer and made my choice, looking for a combination of good looks and nice attitude. She was a very pretty, slim brunette, Lithuanian. One hour was Kroon 1,100 (US$80)

I may have paid a bit over the odds but I considered both good value, however I enjoyed the sauna girl best. I’d call her again if I ever go back.

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