Prostitution Report
from Florida

i was in South Beach last week.the first couple of nights i was wondering where all the whores went.then i realized that i was'nt staying out late enough.the good ones start coming out between 4am and 7am.usually on Collins ave between 11th and 15th streets.i only banged one whore the whole vacation since its easy to hook up with a non pro down there as long as she is'nt one of those model types you see walking around.i hooked up with a sweet Cubanita thats only been in Miami for 4 years and a hot Hondorian chica.well anyway, i was going out for breakfast at 7 in the morning and saw a white girl with tight jeans smiling at me while i drove by.

she was a 20y/o from Arizona with brown hair and long legs.after we did the tit and cock grab routine, she told me she wanted $200 to fuck.they all ask for that, but will all go down.i told her i have 2 other guys back at the hotel and that we will give her a $100 each.she went for it.back at the hotel we, waited outside the room while the other guy fucked was just a basic condom fuck with no kissing.i grabbed her tits and she started blowing me with a condom.after that i just fucked her and that was it.if there were any more details you know i would tell another night i was standing by the parking lot of the hotel with a British guy and we heard a girl screaming from a car "RAPE RAPE".we went over and it was a German guy fucking around with one of the whores.what happened was they agreed on $150 for sex, but in the end she only wanted to give him a blowjob.the German guy was about to beat the shit out of her until a crowd was really funny.

the British guy was in shock.with his British accent he kept shaking his head and saying "a hundred and fifty dollars".the German guy was saying with his accent "in Hamburg i have 3 girls working for me in the street.i was dying from laughter.i got out of there.i don't know if he got his money back.i think he beat he her up.i saw a finger nail on the ground. i also checked out the strip club "Showgirls" on Collins was $20 to enter.there were some hot strippers in there but its too expensive.its $250 to fuck in what they call the "Champagne Room".a regular lap dance is $25.fuck that, send me back to Montreal i made sure i got my $20 worth by feeling the girls tits and asses while talking to them.they thought i would bite for a lap dance.the other strip club on Washington ave says its $10 to get in on that sign, but when you get to the door they ask for $20 for some reason.i just turned around and left.i would have checked it out if it was only $10.i'll post some pics when i get them together.

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