Prostitution Report
from France

Even prostitution itself is legal in France, running prostitution business is illegal. This explains why there is no "public" brothel. Also it explains why one can still patronize prostituts without the risk of being arrested.Everybody knows that it is impossible to forbid the oldest profession so it is useless to prohibit prostitution. By forbiding only the prostitution business but allowing individuals to offer sex service makes sense in the way it keeps organized crime out but gives enough space for sex services. (But of course, organized crime does exist in France.)

In Paris, you can find the sex trade in many diferent forms:

1) Cheapest is the street actions in different zones. Details can be found in the worle sex guide.

2) Most expensive form is through private clubs here you can find evry expensive young girls, mostly foreigners come to Paris with the dream of becoming model. You have to have the right connection and the offer changes from tim to time.

3) The third form is the night club scene, typically there is a show involving some dancing girls but the real business is not the show but the girls around. The most famous is "le baron" near the crezy horse club. Usualy you have to pay for a bottle of champagne for $200 to obtain the right to bring the girl out of the club. Then you have to pay the girl anther $450 for the sex. The only thing you can negotiate is that she stays fr the night for that money. this gives you the possibility of multiple intercourse with the same girl. Uaually the girl is not allowed to go back to the club that night so pratically, she is yours for the night.

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My advice is to go there early and take out the girl early enough. Then you can take her for dinner. First this can satisfy your ego for there are some real beautiful girls there. Also in this way you can establish a better atmosphere between you and the girl. This again will give you a better service later.

4) Another possibility is to use the newspaper "la vie parisienne" which you can buy in most of the news stands. The only problems is that you have to know some French for most girls does not speak good English. The girls you can find n this news paper varies much form style and price. Also one girl can change her name every month in the newspaper to have a "fresh" look. But usually she will give you another phone number is she finds you nice. Some girls are French, some are black, some are asian and some are from estern blocks. The thumb ruls is always: be polite to them, treat them like a human, not an object. By doing so, you will get more that what you have paied.

5) My report with one of the girl in the near of the Arc de Triumph: Her name is not important because she uses different name in different occasions. She is around 28 years old, 178CM, very big and firm natural tits, long legs always in stocking. She charges 1200 F ($160) for one hour. First she will give you a full body massage, then she will start to give you a head job and expecting you to do the same thing. Very, vey responsive, very active, especially in the 69 position. I have visited her many times and some times I was wondering if she is working or enjoying the sex. The place is very clean and she asks you to take a shower before and after the act. The atmosphere is relaxing, no hurry, no push. She takes only appointments. Working hours from Mon to Fri, from 12 to 7PM. I have found her in "la vie parisienne".

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