Prostitution Report
from Gambia

Just returned from The Gambia after one weeks holiday. I could not believe my bad luck. Normally at this time of year you can expect 12 hours of hot sunshine. Arrived to 100% cloud, and apart from one day when the sun appeared through broken cloud, the rest of the time was overcast, and it even rained on occasions, including a torrential downpour on my last evening. Departure day of course was scorching hot and the internet weather forecast was for continued sunshine. I really was very unfortunate. See my updates on bars, brothels, clubs for further news on them. One thing to report now is that the beach in the Kololi area had taken a bashing over the past 10 years from the strong sea currents and all the sand had been washed away leaving a dirty looking sub layer. The sea was also eroding the beachfronting of the main hotels, and they had all been spending fortunes building barricades and sunbathing platforms for their guests, but still the ocean was destroying all their considerable efforts. However, a Dutch firm has recently finished pumping sand from the seabed onto the beach in this major tourist area and their efforts have been spectacular. The sand has formed a barrier, and the sea reaches no nearer than 50 yards from the beachfront of the hotels. There is therefore now a beautiful beach and it is a pleasure to stroll along. Hopefully the sea won't erode this too quickly. I believe that they have guaranteed the work for 5 years.

On the one sunny day we had, I walked along the beach to a newly built beach bar named "Sizzlers" and there was a very beautiful girl serving behind the bar. She was called Nina, and a refugee from The Ivory Coast. I gave her some flattery, but left it at that for the time being. However a couple of girls from Liberia came walking into the bar and my Gambian "brother" and I started to chat to them. It came up in conversation that they had very little money and of course would do ANYTHING. I suggested that we find somewhere for a BJ. My "brothr" said he knew a bar a short distance away where they had a room,so we went to "Natural Mans" bar and I got a BBBJ from one of the girls. She was perhaps only a 6 or 7, and said that she had very little experience in BJ, but said she was a "Super fuck". I can only say that if she fucked as well as she did BJ, she must be the fuck of the century! She worked so hard and with great feeling she swallowed the lot! Cost: 200 dalasis,plus a drink for "Natural Man".

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Next day I wandered into Sizzlers and Nina told me that tomorrow was her day off, and she wanted me to come to her apatment that night. I declined this but arranged to meet her the next day at a bar on one of the main highways at midday. I had a car for a few days, and as I drove up to the bar I saw that it was closed, but Nina came running over to the car, and she looked stunning in a tightly fitting trouser suit. These African girls have the most amazing figures and know how to show them off! Because the bar was closed I asked her what she would like to do, and she said she would like to show me her apartment. I didn't need to hesitate. When we got there, we opened the iron gate into a dirt floored compound with four to five houses (hovels) fronting the central compound area. There were families going about their food preparation etc. in the compound, and kids screasming eveywhere. Not the most pleasant of scenarios. Nina opened the door to her "house", and inside was a small room with a linoleum floor, about 6 ft. by 8 ft. Curtained off was a larger area maybe 8ft. by 10ft. with a mattress layed on the floor. Nina took a tight hold of me,pressed my erection to her very hard and said "This is my fucking room!" I said "do you want to "fuck" now?." I didn't need a reply. However I could not face being there in that very poor environment so I said we should go to a house that I had rented from a Gambian friend for such an occasion. We went there and did the "deed". We had the rest of the afternoon to kill, and Nina had only been in The Gambia for around 4 months, so I said I would show her around. We set out and headed South on the main coastal highway. (A very good newish road which goes all the way to the South Senegal border). Half an hours drive, and we were at Sanyang where "Paradise Beach" is situated. On the way she was telling me that her boss at the beach bar hadn't paid her for the two months she had worked there, and how short of money she was. That was why she was living in such terrible conditions. We arrived at Paradise Beach, and wandered into an attractive little beach bar for a few drinks. We ordered freshly caught fish, and chips, and enjoyed a really pleasant couple of hours chatting away. When I paid the bill, I slipped her 1000 dalasis, and said I would like to help her with her rent. I was paying her for the sex, but was not saying so in so many words. I then took her home and went back to my hotel, Holiday Beach Club. Next day was rainy, so I didn't venture onto the beach, and so I didn't see Nina, as I had promised to do, but the next day I went along to see her and we swapped e-mail addresses. It is my intention to go to live in The Gambia for at least 6 months of the year soon, and maybe I would like some more permanent companionship when I do. Someone like Nina may fit the bill!

By the way, Holiday Beach Club is a very attractive open plan hotel which has just been refurbished. It is quite basic, but is in a superb location right on the beach. The staff are all long time there and really friendly. For a budget hotel in that country, I cannot think of a better one.

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