Prostitution Report
from Georgia

Report of Palm Tree Spa located on Peachtree Industrial Blvd. in Atlanta, GA

I went to Atlanta in November 98 to visit my brother. While I was there, I had heard about the Asian Spa places and wanted to try one out for myself. Well, one night, after having a couple of beers, I was buzzed and ready. I was extremely nervous, because this was the first time that I had ever done something like this. So I arrived there a little after midnight and buzzed on the door. An older asian lady answered and invited me in. I paid $40 and requested a massage. She took me to a little back room and then I met this very beautiful, very young (probably 18) asian girl who told me to disrobe while she went to the back room. She came back and then led me to the shower. She sponged me off a little and kinda teased my pecker a little, giving me a little smile to hint that more was available.

I asked her if she would get naked in the shower with me, but she said that she couldn't. Then, she led me back to the little room and asked what I wanted. By then, I was hard as a rock and said flat out..."I wanna fuck you." She said that it would be $160 and I happily agreed. I then laid on my back and she messaged it a little. She then started licking up it and licked my ass. Oh, it felt so good! She then turned me over and sucked on my hard cock. Meanwhile, I felt her tits and was loving every minute of it. She then slipped on the rubber and rode me like a wild horse. Finally, I came.....HARD! After we were done, she offered to massage me some more, but I was very relaxed by this point. If I every get back to Atlanta, I will definitely visit again!

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