Prostitution Report
from Germany

Report about Frankfurt/Germany

Near the main-railway-station (Hauptbahnhof) of Frankfurt/Germany there is a pretty large red-light-are with hundreds of hookers, sex-bars and other kind of related establishments.All foreign (or first time) visitors should be aware of the following:

The sex-bars and all the places where somebody tries to "hook" you inside are nothing else but "rip-off places." Do not visit any of the bars or sex-shows. They will overcharge you for drinks and you will leave the place without having any sex.Most of the street-hookers in this area are drug-addicts and many of them are dirty and/or sick. Do not go with them.The places to go are the many (legal) brothels in this area. The brothels are just old and a bit run-down appartement-buildings, where the door is open, respectively with a plastic-curtain at the entrance door.

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There is signs like "girls", "erotic" or eros-center" at or above the entrance, and you will notice many men walking in and out all the time.Just walk inside, go up the stairs and there will be many open doors along the floors of the building, each with one chick waiting for business.They ask for 40 - 50 DM (20 - 25 US $) for a blow-job and a fuck, (approx. 15 minutes).My recommendation is, that you always give double than what they ask for, so it is more likely that she will give you a good time and not try to press for extra money while you want to concentrate on the action.Some of them are asholes, most are fair, and some are even very good "value for money."Generally spoken, if you surprise them by giving more than what they ask for, you should get a pretty good service.My recommendation is that you do not go with any German or other Central European girl (however there are only few of them), because they tend to have an attitude and it is more likely that you don t get a good treatment from them.

It is better to choose one of the Latino girls from various South-American countries, who are probably the biggest number of chicks working in these places.There is also a number of Asian ladys and to my opinion they provide the best overall service and have the nicest characters.So far, I was always dissapointed with any of the African women, who you you will also find there, especially on the upper floors of the buildings.

Please watch out for the drug and crime scenery on the streets around, especially at night time. But inside the brothels, it is all pretty save.

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