Prostitution Report
from Hawaii

I have tried a few of the massage parlors on the island of Oahu. There are many of these massage parlors in the heart of Honolulu. There are also many in the area of Waikiki. Most of these massage parlors are owned by orientals. I think they are owned mostly by Koreans but I may be wrong.

The first massage parlor that I went to was located on Keeaumoku Street (I think. But i'm pretty sure). The name of this place is Oriental Relaxation. I went there in about January or February on the weekend in the early morning at about 3:30 am. The entrance is located in the back parking lot and not on the main street. I got to the door and the Mama-san asked for $50.00 and asked me if I have been there before and asked me if I know what kinds of services they did. She placed me in a small room, about 8ft by 8ft, that had a futon on the floor. She sent in the woman. She was an asian woman, about 5'6" - 5'8" and about 135 - 145lbs with about C cup tits. She gave me a very short massage with body oil and then tickled my balls and asked me what I wanted. She wanted $180.00 for full. The Mama-san kept saying that the time was over but I think we were in there for at least 5 extra minutes. When we were done, she wiped me down with a warm towel. She walked me to the door. I didn't get her name. I rate this place at about a 7. The rooms were small and they were kind of pushy.

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The second massage parlor that I went to was located on Ward Street, across from The Sports Authority. The name of this place is Sakura Relaxation. It's entrance and business sign is located in the back of the building inside the parking lot. I went there in May on the weekend at about 9:30 pm. I got in and paid $50.00 for a massage. Included in this $50.00 fee was a full body shampoo. The Mama-san put me in the room and told me to undress and also asked if I had been there before. The room was big kind of like a hotel room. There was a bed (maybe a single), lamps, a clock, a fan, and a few chairs. She sent in a girl and was asked if I wanted a different one. I looked at the rest of the girls and chose an asian named Gina. They only had 3 girls that night. There as the asian (Gina), a Hawaiian (maybe C cup tits), and a Puerto Rican (maybe C cup tits). They were all pretty decent. I heard that they can have up to 6 girls working at one time. Gina was about 5'8" and 95 - 100lbs with A cup tits. She asked me if I wanted to have a body shampoo but she couldn't go in there with me because of something about her hand. I went back to the room and she gave me a massage with no oil. She asked me questions while she massaged me. Then she told me she was tired and if I could massage her. I massaged her then she turned over and I massaged her some more. I massaged the inside of her leg the made my way over to her clit. She just started moaning. After about 15 minutes of rubbing her clit and fingering her she asks me what I want. She wanted $150.00 for full service. She gave me oral and then she hopped on top of me. Then she laid on her back. When we were done, she wiped me down with a warm towel and asked me if I wanted something to drink. I drank some water and she walked me to the door. I rate this place as a 9. They had big rooms, good looking girls, really friendly, and they weren't pushy on time (I think I was in there for about 1hr 15 mins.) I think that this place was excellent. I will definitely go again.

The third massage parlor that I went to is located on Kalakaua Street inside of a place called Century Center (Not to be confused with the Convention Center which happened to me). The name of this place is Narita Relaxation. I went in and gave the Mama-san the $50.00 for the massage. I went in the room and waited for the girl. The room was smaller than the room at Sakura. There was a single bed, lamp, chair, and a little drawer that the lamp was on. The girl came in. She was a beautiful asian woman, Korean maybe, named Jasmine. She was about 5'6" - 5'8" and 100 - 105lbs with A cup tits. I got undressed and she gave me a pretty good massage. She asked me to turn over then asked me what I wanted. She wanted $200.00 for full service. She also asked if I wanted something to drink. She brought me a soda and she got undressed. She licked me and gave me oral. Then she jumped on top and rode me for a pretty long time. When we were done, she wiped me down with a warm towel. Then she helped me get dressed and asked me when I'll be back. When she was walking me to the door she asked if I wanted to have something to drink again. She got me a soda and I left. I rate this place as a 9. The rooms were pretty good and the women were beautiful (well the one that I had was beautiful). I'm not sure if you can exchange girls but you probably can. I'm not sure how many girls were working that day since I went on a Sunday. But I heard that there can be about 4 - 5 girls working. Also, they weren't pushy on time. I really liked this place. I would definitely go again.

Out of these three places, (Oriental Relaxation, Sakura Relaxation, and Narita Relaxation), would recommend you guys check out Sakura Relaxation and Narita Relaxation. They weren't pushy on time, and had beautiful girls. They even give you something to drink when you're done. So if you're every in Honolulu, Hawaii, Check out Sakura Relaxation on Ward Street and Narita Relaxation on Kalakaua Street. Well, hope that this paper helps any of you finding a great place to go in Honolulu.

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