Prostitution Report
from Hong Kong

After a good but expensive GFE session has gradually become a problem (girl keeps calling, seems to have developed feelings for me after only one outcall), intransit had the opportunity tonight to expand his Hong Kong horizons once again, this time at Kings Sauna in Fortress Hill/North Point (for the exact address, e-mail me at

WOW WOW WOW. First of all, I had forgotten how much I enjoy Chinese women. I wouldn't call this a GFE experience, but she was definitely into it.

Here's the sauna deal: saunas are great places to take friends, relatives (brothers, not father-in-laws), and clients/business associates because they can be PG or XXX. One need not reveal the level of one's participation, as all massage and services is done in a private room.

You pay nothing upon entering. You will be shown to a locker, where you strip and head towards the showers. Shorts are provided if you're modest. There, you can take a shower and sit in a hot pool or a cold pool. Note that the cold pool is not just a pool that is not heated, but a vat of icy water. Going between the two can provide both relief and pain. This is a good place to smoke cigars.

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After that, take a rinse shower, don some shorts and a robe top, both of which look like medical scrubs for a tropical country, and move into the sitting room. There will be a large screen TV, big comfy chairs, and drinks are available, although Kings does not serve alcohol, which I found strange.

At some point, you may indicate to the (male) attendants that you want a girl for massage. This can be just that. You'll get a rub down and that's it. No idea what that costs and couldn't care less. If you happen to know the number of a girl there, you can tell them, and if she's not already with someone, they will alert her. When you're ready, you move from the sitting room, down a hallway to a massage room. The room has a window and a door with a window.

Like a doctor's office, sitting there in your semi-scrubs, you will wait probably five minutes for the girl to show up. I was very pleased to see that mine was neither dragged out of the fields that very day, nor had lived on the street since infancy. She had quite a pleasant face, was neither skinny nor fat, and wore clothes that deftly concealed what turned out to be a voluptuous body.

She gave me a massage, and, knowing she was a Chinese mainlander, I launched into Mandarin which has served me well as the language of love all over Asia. After the massage, she said something to the effect of, "so, what do you want to do?" I replied with, "whatever we can do." Word on another bulletin board was that not all girls at Kings go all the way; mine did, and so did the one my friend got, who was also attractive (we all ended up in the hallway together at the end).

She left the room to get more towels and some wash cloths. She came back, hung a towel over the door window (she covered the other one when the massage began), and stripped to reveal some natural and super tits and some nice curves. Her skin was like porcelain. She proceeded to rub me down front and back with said tits. When she was done, she did the Chinese sauna special: that is, she sat at the edge of the bench/massage table, put my legs on top of hers with me prone and facing away from her, and oiled up my ass, anus, and the back of my balls. A woman at a sauna in Shanghai (hand relief only there, but served alcohol) told me that many Chinese guys shoot it right there. She did this for a while, and it's not unpleasant.

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We then moved to oral, at which she was okay, and then to the main attraction. I had forgotten how much I enjoy sex with Chinese women. Although sometimes they have a bad attitude and get mechanical (although this is true for any number of whores from any nationality on any given day), show you know what you're doing and they're into it.

This one was superb. We spent most of what I believe was an allotted hour fucking. Afterwards, she said, "Oh, that's great. Now how am I going to make love with anyone else? I am with many guys who give me no feeling whatsoever." Nice words perhaps, but I find mainlanders aren't great fakers, they generally don't have the experience to do the "When Harry Met Sally" earthshattering orgasm fake.

Because one enters the room with nothing but the scrubs, there's not tipping, although I would have gladly tipped this one. The price came to HK$1563, all in.

I am kicking myself in the ass that I didn't find this place 18 months ago when I moved here. I could have fucked myself silly on a regular basis, with no big bar fine or need to buy drinks, no need for a trip to Macau (saves me at least the price of a round trip ferry ticket, about HK$300) and when I'm done, I take a shower and leave. It's like getting laid at the gym: you come out feeling energized and clean.

With my departure from Hong Kong apparently approaching at the end of the year, I expect to make a pilgrimage to Mongkok in the near future, just to do it. My guess is that it will be too down market for me, as I hate to rush during sex and am not into the idea of picking the least ugly or least smelly girl. However, having learned from my mistakes of not trying out local nightlife options earlier, I don't want to leave any stones unturned.

Kings Sauna has a lesser reputation in Hong Kong among locals because it is seen as "expensive," which at HK$1500 for full service [] for conversion), it is compared to Mongkok.

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