Prostitution Report
from Hungary

Info as of February 2000.

- Street scene is active in the side streets of Joszef Korut, especially on and around Joszef utca. They also hang out at the small park nearby, and in McDonalds at Baross/Joszef krt. Intersection, there usually w/ clients. I didn?t try it, but if she agrees (why wouldn?t she?), it might be a good idea to treat a girl to a Mac beforehand? you barely spend $5, get to see her better then in the street and relax a bit. There are plenty of not-so-good-looking, aggressive girls, but if you look long enough, you can find a good one. The price is Ft3000 ($15) for short time (one-shot) ?komplett-szex? (BJ w/condom and fuck). I guess you could easily get an hour for $30. Of course, everything depends on a girl and your negotiating skills. Most girls speak decent German and some very broken English. For an English speaker, language might be a problem.

Take your time, trust your intuition, beware of scam and you might get a good lay for a ridiculous price. The place is very safe (non-violent might be a better description) because of the police station nearby, but you should still NEVER carry any valuables or more money than you're prepared to (eventually) lose. You would probably not be mugged right in the street, but when you're naked in a crappy room with a girl... you never know. The girls require you to pay in advance, but always try to give a bare minimum in advance, as it is better to save it for the tip (tell the girl that you WILL tip her, it turns them on ;). You MUST specify exactly what you want to do, otherwise, girl will ask you for extras, no matter how much money you paid up front.

- Along Joszef Krt there are several cute "peep show" places... For ft100 ($.35) per minute of peeping, they're kind of fun, girls spread themselves nicely and are generally fairly good looking (much better then the street ones). However, if you're offered a private CABIN, do not accept, it's a scam... you pay ft1000 ($5) for the cabin and unknown amount (say, ft5000 - $25) for the girl, and you have a glass wall with a small slit (to put your dick through) inside. Not my idea of great sex. However, I guess you might arrange a room with the girl. Not all of them are willing to do that, though, and price runs higher then much better alternatives.

- The clubs advertised all over the town are generally rip offs, especially the Dolce Vita. DON?T try them unless you have $$$ to burn.

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